Ira Kazulina: Do not hide your own disease. I — for openness

To keep in mind: health is in your hands!
Kozulin: "In September, Minsk hosted international conference, attended by 80 participants. I was one of the organizers. Currently very fundamentally bring the discussion to the public. Disseminate our activists will be in all areas and in the capital.
We again wish to focus on the ladies kazhdomesyachnom samaabsledavanni. Disease, breast cancer, fortunately healed very well, if fit to see it — you know, health is in your hands!
Our organization, "Rays of Hope" appeared in 2003. Its Chairman — Chief mamolyag Belarus Leonid Putyrsky, and I alternate.
We have three goals. 1st — preventive work among the population. Second — give support during healing. 3rd — psychological support for those treated. Here and cultural events, and business groups samapadtrymki, so ladies could meet, talk, for example, how they cope with the effects of chemotherapy.
Unfortunately, so far failed to sufficiently expand the information work. There is only a mailbox — What questions can answer — respond.
Not the government — over lulled
We somehow got used to criticize the government: it does not, do not makes itth … But many at the conference stated that, strongly that we can do a lot yourself. Now here I began to gather — the first minchane to find for themselves let small, not the state level, but — real suitable unhealthy work area.
For example, organize a group paslyaaperatsyynyh ladies who smuschyayutsya walk to the pool, because they are not very different prostheses or special swimsuit — there is enough problems. As a result, through the awkwardness ladies locked … more That is why in principle to organize a special group, in which all participants will be feel comfortable.
I’m talking about Tipo trivia that hard, perhaps, to realize healthy ladies, but in fact it is very fundamentally.
If a man is alone with complex neuvvyazkami, hear esteemed as others fought with them, he will feel a surge of strength and hope.
Not hide his failure from other
Unfortunately, in Belarus is not accepted. But in America, where I stayed for two months, there was a book of 1st wife of the possible participants of the presidential election — Sovereign Edward, where she was told that her breast cancer returned. At the same time declared resignation from his post press secretary of the White House, because he found the cancer.
You see, the people there do not own smuschyayutsya diseases. And we all decided to hide it.
I personally like more openness. "
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