Ira Kozulin: I will be happy only when hug wife at home …

Ulitenok: "Ira, please tell us what you learned about yourself and most of his own family, when met with such a difficult challenge?"
Kozulin: "In 1-x, to tell the truth, do not cease to discover new things in their own spouse. Though I know him very long ago — in This year 30 years of our acquaintance. Yet more and more respect for his actions. At times we iterate with children old pictures, remember some episodes, and I think, oh, how appropriate it is then read, as did right … How he survived a hunger strike, does not fit in my head …
As for the kids, they were so warm and sheltered reverence that I from time to time it seemed that’s very much! But it turned out recycling — they carry with dignity all the tests. Although our life has changed very, very much, but yet girls — real kids Kozulin they persistent, optimistic, do not hang the nose, do not whine, do not weep, do not complain, and philosophically to all belong. "
Ulitenok: "Well, inside?"
Kozulin: "Within yourself? Currently learned to be slightly calmer. Indeed, during the investigation, beatings, arrest, I am very very worried, and later realized that my worries and tears do not give anything positive. And then tried to calm down internally, because it is necessary to realize that you can change, and that — no. And "no", then you need not to worry, and to accept and expect a change for the best. "
Ulitenok: "How do you now lekuetsesya, you probably have enough free time. Than bavitsesya that, for example, read?"
Kozulin: "The phenomenon, but at the moment I have the time less than before. Took a lot of effort to the preparation of the International Conference on the issue of female breast tumors: translated from the British, it was a lot of organizational issues — it is very fundamental, believe me. And difficult.
And at the moment I read the novel "The Master", the creator of Róisín, a philosophical prose. I currently very fundamentally inner balance to get, and then Fiction facilitate such intention. Through this, I wish to consolidate their mental stability. "
Ulitenok: "How have you been with a spouse — that he is currently reading?"
Kozulin: "For his library recently passed very many literature — both political and philosophical … I do not know on what is directly at the moment, he braked. But Sasha is very pleased that people come to it from other teams."
Ulitenok: "You can read more: that in this library?"
Kozulin: "Although there is a library in the colony, but the husband found there still some malehankih room and reached the permission to" own "- we just need to find and send back a few hundred books, thank you all for your help in their collection."
Ulitenok: "What excites you in politics or vice versa creates optimism?"
Kozulin "First like activity of youth. "
Ulitenok: "What are announcements from your spouse about it?"
Kozulin, "filed a complaint to the Committee on Human Rights UN — it’s a long process, but it is close to expiring. Learned that in November we can already go to the long-term meeting — a day or three. We’ll take it day of birth — November 25 will mark the 53 th anniversary.
Now I am often asked, not Sasha certain benefits in connection with an amnesty? But I have long been believe in any promises, trinkets … So I say to all: I will be happy only when hug wife at home … "
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