Is it realistic to withdraw the member of the House of Representatives?

Tsigankov: "Public activists who have launched a campaign to recall deputies of the House of Representatives, fined and persecuted. Why so afraid of the power? Neuzh they really afraid that it may come to recall deputies?"
Golubev: "I do not think the case had previously come. But, in fact, I think this and should not be. Indeed, voters should think before choosing, and be responsible for I didand.
On the other hand, I have a historical experience, when we, the opposition BNF in the Supreme Council, tried to adopt such a law, and to organize a review of some deputies, and we later tried to withdraw. And I wish to say that it is always associated with the fact that someone hunt anyone individually removed from politics. "
Tsigankov: "So what if the deputy changed his position and does not quite what I promised the people, why voters should sustain it always cadence? "
Golubev: "If a member behave for him that no one will vote, it disappears as a political figure. Two months later, he can speak quite differently. Because people need to learn to make choices. And not to vote because they were ordered from above or uttered on TV. "
Tsigankov: "But does not it seem to you that segodnyaschy public campaign activists have including some educational, propaganda effect? Must be sent to the attention of people that those deputies for whom they voted, did not behave as promised …"
Golubev: "I understand that these activists do not like the behavior of such deputies, and they hunt direct attention to it."
• MPs who abolished privileges, wish to withdraw, 27.09.2007

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