Is the referee during yaytsekvadratov MTS subscribers?

Creators insist that they have 15 years ago invented "yaytsekvadrat", which is dedicated to philosophical treatises, books and exhibitions. MTS representatives respond that yes "yaytsekvadratov" have no legitimate business and enjoy a brand registered in the Municipal Committee of the patent.
Three meetings in the past Supreme Court yielded no result and the sides were on their own positions. From this point on the dispute over the "egg in the box" will be resolved in court.
Process came specially Ales Ryazanov, who soon lives in Germany. His interests during the trial will be lawyer Eugene Taylor, defender Victor Markivtsi — Hope Budnik.
Ryazanov first hearings and expressed disbelief Markovets arbitrator Inna Tsysik and claimed its removal. They expressed hesitation about its objectivity», as during the last meeting of the parties on September 28 did not satisfy the request Tsysik Markivtsi copy number of statutory documents of MTS.
Plaintiffs also was announced outlook when the referee is Tsysik subscribers of mobile operator MTS, it can not participate in the process as a non-engaged person. With such motions were made and lawyers Ryazanov and Markivtsi. Referee three times published in so called "Harmonize room" and not found a reason to satisfy the claims of the plaintiffs.
Present at the trial, Deputy Head of Legal Department MTS Dmitry Hodos did not specify whether there is a referee Tsysik company’s subscribers.
Third party "without independent claims on the side of the defendant" in the process are the representatives of a number of media, which are own statesitsah printed advertising MTS. This newspaper "Russian Belarus", "Zvezda", "Republic", "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus", "Arguments and Facts in Belarus", "Belarusians and Market" magazine as "Mobile".

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