«It’s not a plane, it’s just a UFO»: Russian Su-35 fighter shook Le Bourget

At Le Bourget disclosed anniversary, fiftieth of the account international aerospace show. The exhibition will run all week. Will present their latest developments more than a thousand companies, including — 46 Russian. Most sonorous Russian premiers — Su-35-C, the Yak-130 combat helicopter Ka-52.

Jubilee’s largest international air show in Le Bourget represented more 2-thousand companies. 44 countries demonstrate standards civilian and military equipment. But the center of attention for the new Russian fighter Su-35. French put it in the center of the main alley.

30-mm gun, 12 suspension points for missiles and bombs, target detection range exceeds 400 km, and on-board radar allows to accompany at a distance greater than 80 thousand meters. Su-35 without refueling flies more than 3 and a half thousand kilometers. This is the most powerful fighter in the world 4th generation.

Before visiting the car training flight technology. Design withstands overload to 14.5 units, despite the fact that for a person limit — 10. The cockpit protects the pilot.

Honored Test Pilot Hero of the Russian Federation Sergey Bogdan experienced more than fifty military aircraft. He says that the engine on the Su-35 — special. Per kilogram of thrust necessary to one kilogram of weight that allows you to do complex aerobatics — «spatial barrels» somersault, «thin corkscrew», «Pugachev’s Cobra».

The Su-35 for the first time tried the thrust vector. This — the only car in the world that is able to make a «pancake» — Turn 360 degrees in the horizontal plane without loss of speed.

Misha Pogosyan, director of the United Aircraft Company, in the past — an engineer and chief designer of OKB «Dry», watching the flight of the fighter, obviously worried. Su-35 are abroad for the first time.

Foreign experts at the fighter to show excessive enthusiasm and recognize the leadership of in this industry. «I ’22 in this industry, almost all seen, but this mission — something indescribable! — Engineer says Christian Kuhn. — It’s not a fighter, it’s just a UFO! Frankly, I for the first time in my life crying in ecstasy! «

Until the end of 2015 in the Russian army will 48 such aircraft. 10 — already in service. Rosoboronexport expects to begin delivery outside. At Le Bourget plan to sign contracts to buy outright 3 cars: Su-35, Yak-130 and Ka-52 helicopters. In addition, the transfer will take place the first Russian passenger aircraft Superjet-100 is a Mexican company InterJet.

Anastasia Popova

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