Italian lawyer asked the Tribunal to call Genoa Vika Moroz

As said family lawyer Giusto-Bornachin Giovanni Rico, his clients, the main suspects in the case are awaiting judgment call to the tribunal.
In dealing with the Italian edition of Il Vostro Giornale Rico Giovanni notes that "the defendants told him all the details of last year’s history, and with the help they can get clear answers to questions such as why the couple decided to hide in the Alps girlfriend, why do not want to, so that she vorachivalas ago Belarusian hostel. " Specifically, these incidents, according to the lawyer, "can attest to the girl herself."
Initiating the process, the Belarusian side insisted on the wording of "kidnapping", which means a very severe sin. But the Italian side did not agree with this, and, in their legislation, accuses Alessandro Giusto, Maria Chiara Bornachin, their parents and priests who buried girlfriend specifically "illegal confinement". This softer sin. But, in case of confirmation of the suspect’s guilt, disguising organizers can expect imprisonment and partners — conditional imprisonment.
Meanwhile, Minsk regional education department, in whose competence leaving minor orphans abroad, outraged by the possibility role Vicky Frost in Genoa court. The representative of the Minsk Regional Department of Education Tamara Loikaw reads as follows:
"I believe that to carry the baby to the courts, taking into account that it is there suffered from a moral viewpoint, unacceptable. I look at the situation eyes Mom, Why again disturb girlfriend since she feels excellent in this Zhodzina family. There’s a benevolent foster mother, they live together with his brother. In my opinion, the question is solved. Why disturb the baby? What’s her mind? Let the court decide to adults, and they are responsible for what you’ve done! "
• In Italy, completed an investigation into the spouses Giusto-Bornachin, 17.09.2007

• Q: Why Vika Moroz not released in Italy?, 08.08.2007

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