Januszewski was given three days, although there were — 10

Since Alexei repeated violation — role in the unauthorized action — that, under the law of its had arrest for more than 10 days.
Alexei himself saw our correspondent that his sentence proves that the order from the top is more important existing legislation.
About the structure of the House of Justice youth activists posted large white-red-white flag. Police detained a minor lady.
Palazhanka Anastasia, Anastasia and Anton Loikaw Rusin got three days of arrest. Palazhanka judged referee Mike Homa, Anton Rusin — Valentine Zinkevich referee.
Given the fact that the convicts had already spent three days behind bars in jail in Akrestsin — after sentencing, they were released.
Recall that in the court of Lenin district of Minsk now on trial youth activists, arrested Nov. 7 near the KGB building. They then held the banner "Communism on trial." Juvenile released, and 5 against members of an unregistered organization "Young Front"Accounted for the role of protocols in an unsanctioned picket. Palazhanka This Anastasia, Tatiana Shaputska Anastasia Loiko, Alexei Januszewski and Anton Rusin.

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