Jews celebrate the New Year 5769

Chronology of the Jews is in the creation of the world according to the lunar calendar. New Year is celebrated later 163 a day or after Passover. Love Luneva asked prazdnichka history and how it is celebrated Belarusian Jews.
New Year — Rosh Hashanah — the Jews has a philosophical meaning. According to legend, in the book of life, God says what fate awaits in next year each person. Frankly see their actions and desires, you can influence the decision of the court of heaven. To do this, everyone has one month before Rosh Hashanah and 10 days — after, before Yom Kippur. These days are needed to repent of their own sins, and ask for the welfare of others.
Jews then require each other’s forgiveness for the wrongs and want everyone to be listed in the book of life.
Now Shafar afternoon (forbid horn) in the synagogue announced early next year. His sounds have to awaken repentance in the hearts of the audience.
According to Jewish tradition, this day must go to the lake or to the well and there symbolically throw their sins. In water it is necessary to throw everything in there pockets.
Christmas table must have a set of mandatory courses.
Director of the Museum of Jewish Culture Inna Gerasimova told how she celebrates the New Year:
"Now I have a fish head on the table. This is a common food in these days are.’ve Got this carp. Also honey and apples. Once my mother and grandmother prepared lekah. Kavryzhka very similar to lekahu. In These days are I always take kavryzhku frequent and familiar with it all — Jews and non-Jews. The main food — apples and honey. "
To grand table can be fed grain garnet. Each grain — sign mitzvah (good deeds). Usually on the table also must be dates and figs. Sliced carrot circles symbolizes the gold coins to the house was property.
Chairman of the Union of Jewish Communities Leonid Levin recalled now Jews begin to read the first chapter of the Torah.
"Getting to read the first chapter of the Torah. Prazdnichek This really is different from the Russian New Year, when, as we used to, Christmas tree, champagne, twelve o’clock … No, it’s totally different.
In these days of any of us regard to the very, very Jewish heart.
If you allow me, I would have congratulated all our prazdnichkom Rosh Hashanah. My dear, in our country new year letter zhavtseyshy, but I wish you all, that leaves on the tree of life were always green. "
10 days after the New Year begins on Yom Kippur — a serious day of fasting and prayer. A October 21 Jews will celebrate the anniversary of mourning — the 65th anniversary of liquidation of the Minsk ghetto.

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