KGB major suspect in the bombings dachynennii to Vitebsk in 2005

At KGB Major Andrei Demidov brought the case to the third part of Article 295 of the Criminal Code. He is suspected of illegal distribution of explosives and devices.
If his guilt Justify KGB officer threatens to limit the freedom of up to 5 years, or imprisonment from 2 to 8 years, with or without confiscation of property confiscation.
Major Demidov was in remand prison after being denounced by the 1st of freelance own informants in the garage which has found the explosives. The informant said he got them from the curator of the KGB.
July 19, Andrey Demidov held in detention. The family believes that the investigation into his involvement in the bombings goes with numerous violations. They say that the searches were conducted without the respective documents to the case for a long time did not allow a lawyer, meetings and even correspondence with detainees is prohibited.
Wife of the suspect, Natalia Demidova (by the way, an employee of the legal department of the Vitebsk City Council), states that no longer finds justice in municipal structures and trusts only help journalists.
"For five weeks, we have no connection with the spouse, only know through a lawyer that he is alive. But how is he? He has also acquired diseases.
I recorded a couple of times to receive the Attorney General, and every time the answers come without any explanation: "At your request, the Prosecutor General for you to refuse."
Everywhere I drive my wife with a ratification, helpful … So maybe someone profitably accuse a person of those explosions? In such a place being the highest this case, and maintained with such disorders that just a shame! "- Says Natalia Demidova.
Wife of detained Major Demidov did not rule out that the case against her husband initiated after, Alexander Lukashenko has deprived the former head of the KGB office Stepan Sukharenko. The president spoke about the need to streamline the structure.
Counterpart Andrei Demidov, Vitebsk KGB officers amounted to a letter to the Prosecutor General. They took responsibility for the fact that the detainee will not hide from the investigation. But Demidov was not released from the detention center.
Yegor Levi, Attorney in public relations of the Prosecutor General of Belarus said:
"As for the" Vitebsk case ", the Attorney General’s Office continues to investigate. Do not know there can be read as a spouse, but the investigation of this criminal case last ".
Two years back the Vitebsk police promised to pay 4 million rubles to anyone who can help find the organizers of explosions, but seek out the guilty and to this day.
The suspects in this crime brothers Yuri and Vitaly Murashko were detained in a detention facility is very likely under the laws of time — 6 months. Evidence against them and was not found.
A year earlier, the suspect in the bombings and was Zhodinsky youth activist Pavel Krasovsky. His wine was also not confirmed.
Recall that in September 2005, after the explosion of a homemade device disguised as beer cans, more than fifty Vitebsk residents with HE th brain injuries addressed to doctors.
The investigator went to Vitebsk interrogate Paul Krasowski, 10.10.2006 • Security Council: Vitebsk explosion was not a terrorist act, 23.09.2005 • Explosion in Vitebsk: About 40 people were injured, 23.09.2005

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