KGB suspects A.Tenyutu activities on behalf of Malady Front

"While I was sitting in the temporary detention, KGB spent in the apartment where I live with my parents searched. They confiscated a computer and some documents about "Young Front"I’ve found. I am interested in the history of this movement," — said Tsyanyuta BelaPAN correspondent.
The search protocol, which conducted a senior KGB lieutenant Vladimir Vidalis, not counting confiscated white-red-white flag, icon "Motherland Freedom!" mentions two instances of "Applets Regional Development"Junior Front"In the Gomel region," leaf "conspiracy in Young Front", "General Resolution of the Regional Council"Junior Front"Gomel region," Paul Sevyarinets book "Letters from the forest" and more.
20-year-old Andrew Tsyanyuta — external student Agricultural Academy in Russia. September 14 near Institute F. Skaryna, according to some of its Governing Tsyanyuta pasted leaflets in support of expelled from this school activist, honors, Faculty of Mathematics Dmitry Zhaleznichenka.
Vice Rector Sergey Hanenya detained young man has got to college, where he some time held. In the end, Andrew was charged with disorderly conduct small, called the police and the Central tribunal sentenced the young 10 days of arrest.
Gomel: youth activist Andrei Tsyanyuta arrested for 10 days, 18.09.2007 • Gomel: re-classified or provosts policemen?, 17.09.2007

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