Kondrusiewicz celebrated the first Mass in the Cathedral

Initially appealed to the faithful secretary of the conference church bishops Antoni Diamjanka:
"I warmly welcome the priest Archbishop Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. Very glad to hi priest archbishop arrived believers not only of the cathedral parish, and other parishes., I see that there are many young people of different ages."
Mass in Minsk department until prezentatsyynaya: Kondrusiewicz held it as ordinary priest. But first, his speech he stressed that vorachivaetsya home:
"Today I’m going back to their homeland. Returns to the will of God, which was expressed in the words and purpose of the Holy Father Benedict XVI, to work among you. Take me as your own … Then a full church is, if there is a bishop, priests and people of God. And let the current liturgy will help us build this unity and to build the kingdom of God on this earth. "
Kondrusiewicz mentioned in his speech in December 1991, he was a priest for the first time went to Poland. Then religious literature sorely missed. The priest tried to spend a lot of books — how could pull. But in Grodno customs explained to him that he can only bring in two books … At the moment a lot of literature, but it turns out as stated Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz phenomenon:
"So there is not enough religious literature, more and more churches, more and more priests more those katehizue, who broadcasts the word of God, and man lives because as if God did not exist. Man lives because as if he did not hear the word … "
Festive ceremony entrance to Minsk Archcathedral Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz held on November 10. Now Kondrusiewicz met with the Chairman of the Committee for Religious and Ethnic Affairs Leonid revelers.

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