Kurapaty: broke the main cross, which once brought in the tract on the structure of the KGB (Slide-report)

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Chief Kurapaty cross "sufferers of Belarus", which stood in the hole almost eighteen years, now lying on the ground. It’s broken into 2-places — across the bottom and around the cross. With cross and crown of thorns lost.
Igor Vashkevich live near, yesterday evening about the eleventh hour he saw not far from Kurapaty 2- Young people and the lady who pulled a wire:
"They were drunk. One young man was carrying on his shoulder this stitching wire. At first I did not realize, but after remembered that such a crown of thorns, I beheld in Kurapaty on the main cross. Now in the morning I rode a bike in the hole and saw it was a sin. Indeed this crown of thorns from the cross, which is currently is felled. "
"They put the cross on Dzyady in 1989"
Together with Igor Vashkevich about broken cross — spokesman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Valery Buffalo. Now in the morning he vyznat of vandalism in Kurapaty following:
"For half an hour I was there and beheld this sad and tragic landscape — cross destroyed. One of the major parts of the national memorial in Kurapaty Belarusians made. Put this cross on Dzyady in 1989. Couple of times it was restored, was fixed by updating."
Reporter: "As I recall, the structure of the KGB at the hands of his men carried in Kurapaty …"
Buffalo: "Yes. We will recover naturally, this cross. He already is a historical monument, shrine. We will continue, no matter what create national memorial. "
Valery Buffalo implies that the memory of days to cross Protz "sufferers Belarus" corrected. Activists of the Conservative Christian Party BPF applied for the march and rally in Kurapaty — on Dzyady, on Sunday, October 28.
Vandals dragged to cross the underpass
How many meters from the broken cross "sufferers Belarus" pit, and from it — the deepest footprint. Vandals ripped out of the ground one of Kurapaty crosses extended until the underpass and left there.
Beside him lay a wool pieces.
Sovereign Buffalo does not exclude that vandals want to use the cross for any satanic rituals, but could not move it out of the tract area.
Next step Kurapaty mound.
Prior to this notice felled plate from the Memorial sign "From the United States to commemorate the people of Belarus" — so called Clinton bench. In January, it broke again. Now the stove again on earth.
Valery Buffalo said about all acts of vandalism to the police, and after a few hours, a member of the Interior Borovljansky recorded desecration Kurapaty memorable characters.
This is not the first cases of vandalism in Kurapaty where in 1937-1941 punishers NKVD shot on various counts from 40 to 200 thousand people.
In the late 1990s, smashed plate on the cross, "the Belarusian Martyrs."
As for Memorial sign "From the United States to commemorate the people of Belarus," is the twelfth case of vandalism. In 2002, just renovated Clinton bench installed in Kurapaty salting U.S. in Belarus Michael Kozak.
In December 2005 unknown vandals defiled twice swastikas and satanic graffiti Kurapaty crosses monument to those killed in the tract of the Jews and the image of God Moms Kurapaty artist Alexei Marochkina. Not just crush and crosses. On the facts of vandalism in Kurapaty wound up criminal cases, but criminals never found.
In This year public appealed to the authorities to protect the tract Kurapaty, which is the historical and cultural value of the first category. But in response to management Interior Minsk region offered the organizing committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression to pay for security Tracts Kurapaty.
• A. Marachkin restored chapel in Kurapaty Forest, 5.10.2007

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