L. Barshcheuski: Belarusian teaching returned to stall

Tsigankov "What this day Belarusian state teaching? As this prestigious profession? How society treats the teachers? "
Barshcheuski: "Belarusian teaching returned to the bullpen. Return to the state of the pre-perestroika times (before 1985), when the teacher was doing, as in the Russian Empire, the function of the conductor policy, consolidate power. To do this, teachers use in intensive electoral commissions to legitimize the existing power.
Creativity, which began to manifest itself in teaching in the early 90’s, again stepped back. The teacher does not must be selfish, must always think about others and not just about yourself, to be able to give, not take. Because the attitude of society towards the teacher returned to the level of 1985. Now the teacher — the one who just passes through the children, in including and parents, will to the higher authorities. "
Tsigankov "But recent decades somehow assumed that teachers — Some of the limited segments of the population. They maintain power, the fear of any reform, innovation. Specificity can work here? Every day many times have something to explain to children — as here not to become disabled? "

"If you come for the teaching profession, you must every day samaadukovvatstsa "

Barshcheuski "Teacher just has to feel that he is working to give ourselves, and not to take from others. AND NOT bring up such quality in any educational institution. Should such people come to the teacher. But they are due to various events in other areas . "
Tsigankov: "All we drive their own kids to school and occasionally wonder how low intellectual level, the level of knowledge of teachers. For example, in a good high school teacher prestigious Belarusian-not very good has Belarusian language, British teacher not very badEnglish has about. Why is this happening? Maybe it works real factor — teachers get 300-400 thousand? "
Barshcheuski: "No, it is explained to others. Many teachers have no ability, no desire to grow, to learn. Received a diploma — and everything calmed down on this. Mistress I understand, she has a lot of problems home. But if you took the teaching profession, you Everyone should samaadukovvatstsa day, find time, abilities, and do not stop.
Not so important and real factor. Those great teachers that I know — despite the low wages they are, to which kids are drawn. It’s just You need to have talent, a creative work, the ability to step on the throat for yourself, to be able to give ourselves to others. And if not, there is no funds posodeystvuyut. "

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