Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk Belarusian poetry — a secular religion lovely people

October 10 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk. On account of his creative poetry collections "The Wanderer" (1983), "Over the square" (1986), a collection of poems and essays "Here" (1990), "Acropolis" (1994), "lethargy Paris" (1995), "the Lord" (1998), "Paetagrafichny novel" (2002), "Poems. Love. Prose" (2003), a book of satirical stories "about how I …" (1992). The other day, the anniversary of the poet came to "Free studio", where a conversation about time and literature that encourages life and resent.
"In schools, reduced his work, and increasing foreign"
Michas Scoble: "Leonid, very typical gift to your pyatsidesyatsigoddya made the Ministry of Education. Your name disappeared from the school curriculum in literature — along with the names of Vladimir Niakliaeu, Olga Ipatovoj, Svetlana Aleksievich other writers. Thee it is very disappointed? "
Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk: "Nothing, not die, and we live with it. I wish to bring this complex problem of the boundaries of my name and say that the number of hours devoted to our schools for the study of the Belarusian language and literature, very, very small. us from time to time they say that the kiddies difficult given more training programm. According to this logic, reduced its increases someone else, and children of the first class study not Belarus, and, say, the British language.
Of school programs from the Belarusian literature in general can not expunge any 1st writer, because every writer is a product, to be studied in school. You can not replace the name in the name, you must add them to the name. Modern our literature develops, it is morally and aesthetically rich and full students should know. There must be a balance between necessary and unnecessary. How many hours devoted to study, say, computer technology, the same hours should be allocated to research and whiteRussian language and literature. "
"Literature should go to the apostolic paths — in other words, comes to every soul" Scoble: "Either your new work requests immediate meeting with the reader or listener? I read that Osip Mandelstam, if not in the vicinity of friends or acquaintances, called the GPU own investigator who questioned him, "led" him, and he recited a new poem. How is it with you? "
Dranko-Maisyuk: "Quite a long time I did not think about his own reader. I loved the process of writing, and I came up with verses Tipo for himself. But the incident led me to believe in magic: it turns out, there are people, and quite a lot of that you, specifically you, read. And at some point I realized that it is impossible and not further consider the thoughts and feelings these people. That literature acting when one has its own active reader. This does not mean that in his own work I began to adjust to one’s mood, but I began to "address" his poems, his stories so luxurious literature fans who want my work. I admit, it promotes employment inspiration.
I have a prose written in the 15 th issue of the journal "verb", she called — "angel and I". This is the standard address creativity. In general, taking into account the incident in what was the Belarusian language works written on it, have to go through the paths of the apostolic — in other words, comes to every soul. "
"Belarusian poetry — folk, it can not remain on shaky estradkah performances or on the pages of low-circulation publications pizhonistye"
Scoble: "The only question is — how many of these souls should be. Not so long ago idol "shastsidesyatnikav" Yevgeny Yevtushenko promised Reconvene whole stadium fans of poetry, as it was in the years of his youth. A probable if we Belarus vsplesk mass enthusiasm for poetry? "
Dranko-Maisyuk: "Unfortunately, statistically confirm the number of poetry lovers unreal. Vsplesk But the mass enthusiasm for poetry is probable. When we do atrutsimsya psevdamastatstvam that reigns now, when we learn that the book is not subject to the substitution of any electric version, if we drop the cult comic fakes, alterations, and any padmalevak padtantsovak … If we develop laws that will be punished by "leaders" whose activities are focused on is to ensure school libraries shortened variations of traditional works … In the end, if we can offer society instead tummy cult cult of reason.
It was then, I’m sure, poetry returns to huge audiences. This process is complicated and long enough, but I believe not one, but hundreds and thousands of poets will listen. Belarusian poetry actually own folk, it can not remain on shaky estradkah performances either on the pages pizhonistye publications with a circulation figure is covered in embarrassment двести ninety-ninth Belarusian poetry — the secular religion of lovely people, remember this! "
Scoble: "And what is the mass audience, in front of which you had to come up with the reading of poetry?"
Dranko-Maisyuk: "500, maybe 600 confessions and all students listened to verses in Mosty. Strongly many people wasabout in 1997 at a party in my creative Metropolitan Philharmonic. Large audience was "Slavonic Bazaar". Molodechno festival of song and poetry may be mentioned. "
Scoble: "And remember the most uncrowded room."
Dranko-Maisyuk: "Most uncrowded hall in Europe. Paris I listened to 10 people in Madrid — 5, in Lisbon — three."
"Every poet should write a book of prose good practice"
Scoble: "Means you need to perform at home … In the near future you write prose. And I here mention libimaga hunt us both Mikhas Streltsov:" I love the spirit of sober prose, her tastes earthlings spirit. She and a joke as a serious, stumps valid for 2-. "But it seems to me that the artistic ability of poetry more than prose — I agree."
Dranko-Maisyuk: "There is another world. They say that in prose extensive breath. But in the same breath a volume of poetry. Recall" The latest land "," Simon-music ", or the last two, totally beautiful poem Vladimir Niakliaeu" Polonaise "and" Bed for the bees. "These works suggest that the depth and height of poetic — prohibitive.
In the Literary Institute taught me that between poetry and prose have no differences, except that there is a difference in pace. In prose, it is less stressed. In 1989 Galina Bulyk introduced me to the capital poet Yuri Kuznetsov. He stayed in Minsk. And now I’m buying the house stately Russian poet coffee (by the way, he refused to vodka) and ask: "Why do you, Yuri Polikarpovich not write prose?" He says: "All my prose in my poetry."
And yet there is, I will say this, in fact everyday topics. And every poet should write a book of practical good prose — from light to detective benefits, such as beekeeping or vegetable. "
"Without Anton would not Lutskevich Belarus as a country!" Scoble: "I know that you will soon work on the topic" Anton Lutskevich and David-town. "What should eventually happen?"
Dranko-Maisyuk: "In the end, it should turn the story of a play. It will be called" From Vilnius in David-town, and David-town in Vilnius. "Thanks Anatoly Sidorevich his painstaking work on his return highly majestic legacy Anton Lutskevich thanks Sergei Dubovcy his analytical art, through which era Lutskevich closer, thanks to the care of Dr. Vladimir Mikhnyuk and real poet Vitaly Skalaban archival space, I felt I should write about his prose Director of the Belarusian Museum in Vilnius Anton Lutskevich.
Specifically, in such capacity, he came in 1936 in David-town to explore oak coffins, which were found during the construction of the church on the castle hill. Anton Lutskevich scientific pro
of that these oak coffins buried David-Gorodok princes themselves sarcophagi were in the cultural layer of the land of the twelfth century.
I believe that soon our society to truly appreciate the work of Anton Lutskevich. In Minsk, he will certainly put a monument, open-air museum. Without Anton Lutskevich would not be Belarus as a country! "
"Literature — a dangerous occupation"
Scoble: "Leonid, lived a Japanese painter Katsushika such Hakusan — creator of the famous album" June 30 Fudiyamy species. "He wrote in different manners, and whenever changing the style, and changed his name. And these periods in his life was more 30. And you need a pseudonym never appeared? "
Dranko-Maisyuk: "I never took the names. There is a concept — geteranimiya, geteranimny — means" dissimilar. "Our poets, our classics adored by necessity (social and political) art geteranimii. Recall numerous aliases Kolas, Kondrat Nettles, Frantisek Bogushevich, aunts … Literature — dangerous occupation, and therefore created usually covered his real name naming fabrications. And to make impression that, for example, he Frantisek Bogushevich, artistically written not one.
It is worth mentioning here and stately Portuguese poet Fernando Pesoa, legitimate king roznaimennastsi. He had 10’s and 10’s aliases. Each of his manuscript he signed a new naming, giving it the nickname biography and, in fact, created a new writer. Alias, even decrypted always has color of mystery. "
"We — the country scattered archives"
Scoble: "October 6, Belarus celebrates day archivist. Either going to archive you agree with Boris Pasternak, who wrote:" No need to start an archive of manuscripts shake "?
Dranko-Maisyuk: "We — the country scattered, and sometimes even lost archives. We — the place of poorly-studied archives. Because all the positive makingsmiling in arhivistyki, I cause a tremendous reverence. Sergei Shupe collected two huge volumes of archives BNR. This work deserves the Order of the Legion of noble origin. Very good works researcher Vitaly Skalaban. Documentary makes artistic thinking disciplined avoids fancy frills.
I collect archive, but do not keep under lock and key. Enjoy my photo archive journalists (especially iconography 1930 years), and my manuscripts scamper uniformly deposited in the Museum of the History of the Belarusian literature. "
"Bookstore survive as well as the church survived"
Scoble: "On the days of the news came from Vitebsk — The local authorities ordered in urban stores to trade in cigarettes. And bookshelves are standing next to the cigarette. How to you like this neighborhood?"
Dranko-Maisyuk "Should be Culture Trade and sell cigarettes or wine together with books — is incorrect. It should not be. I remember how at first the 1990s began to fade library, they were taken under the cabinets, all kinds of business establishments. In our days are disappearing bookstores. That book sold in the underpass subway station "October", and at the moment they sell wine. Almost lost the sight in my shop "Tunes", she was on Lenin Street — now there a shop selling mobile phones (dalkazhykav). The current office-gloss civilization puts in black corner store, and while she was overpowered. Hopefully, this situation is temporary, the fatal consequences will be. Bookstores will survive as well as the church survived. "
Scoble: "There is a natural phenomenon — a marsh fire, the fire that burns underground in peat deposits. Top of stew, filled with water, but in the depths of it is inaccessible. I think marsh fire — Cancel metaphor Belarusian culture. We — the people in the swamp. How long culture can exist in the depths of the criteria? All the same, though the influx of the freshest air fire what is needed in including and creative. "
Dranko-Maisyuk: "The root system of the Belarusian culture is very profound. A fire not only to wither, not only spalivaet, fire — light, warm fire. I think you said ineradicable marsh fire warms and illuminates our way in our national future."

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