Liberty Poll: How entrepreneurs are in a strike?

Reporter: "Did you know about the one-day strike of business, or participated in it? How do you feel about him? "
Businessman: "I keep neutrality. His place in my life, I find."
Businessman: "We have no good and he explained it. States that Tipo it after a day or a businessman. What businessmen needed prazdnichek own — and that’s the reason."
Businessman: "No, we did not participate, although usually" Dynamo "takes an active role. But This time so failed. After all, "Dynamo" on strike, and exhibition work. If you achieve something, you need a centralized organization to everything. "
Businessman: "We are constantly involved in these strikes, walking on the demonstration. But once at the time is not necessary, at this time did not work. "
Reporter: "Do you keep the mood of protest among businessmen?"
Businessman: "Yes, we always support. Naturally, certainly. Indeed, it is impossible herecan be stand with such taxes and such lease, that’s all. "
Businessman: "To be honest, about the strike we did not hear. But earlier strike, while others worked. Turns out that we were only losses. Because it was ineffective. ‘Cause all you need to strike."
Businessman: "In principle, I support all actions that are focused on the protection of their rights. But This time I did not realize the organizers — what were the objectives and requirements. "
Reporter: "Did you participate in a strike?"
Businessman: "Yes, I was, certainly. Indeed, these innovations on legal entities — this is sheer nonsense. This is just to kill us as a class. Only such goal can justify it all.’ll See what will be before the new year, as no one on the new conditions are not cross. strike will, of course, nobody is not going to meet. "
Reporter: "Or do you participate in such actions?"
Businessman: "Absolutely. Well I need to live, and I for 52 years. Whom where I need? We will fight."
Businessman: "We have worked out, realizing that nothing has changed."
Businessman: "I think that if it turns out it works out on October 14. Lets go on a European demonstration. If to achieve something, then you need to achieve together."
Reporter: "You are ready?"
Businessman: "And we are always ready. We," Dynamo ", the most first rallies."

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