Liberty Poll: Is it possible to overcome corruption?

Cpadar: "I think it is unrealistic to overcome corruption. Therefore it must change the whole system, and it’s just unreal. "
Woman: "Everything depends on the people themselves on their integrity, morality — whether a person will be able to rebuild something, turn inside yourself."
Lady: "It is very difficult to overcome corruption. Corruption — this is a huge money due. "
Man: "No. We took our generation takes, but young people are trained on us."
Lady: "What are you, unreal! The further, the corruption increases. Honesty, integrity, people should be more. "
Man: "Where there is power, there is corruption. I think the government itself is corrupt."
Guy: "Do not we ever win corruption."
Reporter: "Is it possible to overcome the corruption as a fight with her?"
Man: "I know only one way: from the officials must be the highest wages. In other words, if a person will work in one place, it will have good earnings, will not need to take anything. "
Man: "Against Corruption can only beat honesty."
Lady: "I understand the mentality of corruption and corruption, so to speak, in the physical plane, when people prick each other and cashing in at the expense of others. Everything is done with the consent of the government. If someone builds big houses, cottages, and the government turns a blind eye — that is the world outlook of the people? "
Man: "Corruption can be overcome. Need to enact laws, directives, to maintain order. But we still do not. Can help change of government. "
Reporter: "But there is a law against corruption …"
Man: "There are laws, but they are not produced."
Woman: "The most important thing — not to offer bribes. If no one will give, will not take that."
Man: "I think it may be, all depends on the country, from the internal organs. I do not know quite whether they are struggling, but our country there is corruption. "
Guy: "Corruption is, struggling with her poorly on almost all close their eyes. Someone apparently it profitably. Naturally, should be perfect legislation, measures should be more hard ".
Man: "It is impossible to defeat corruption. Our man, no matter how much money he may receive, he hunt more, more, more. "

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