Liberty Poll: No problems we have. Need only rejoice

Young Man: "First read about the dilemma of international relations. Our country needs to solve it. And about the lack of democratization inside our country . "
Young Man: "I believe that we are not very good relationship with the adjacent countries, including Western Europe. We do not very Cancel internal policy, as there is no democracy. We have a bad economy, as the country is very low standard of living. Very many problems. "
Man: "I would read on, it must achieve growth in the number of population, solve the problem of demographic. It is now the main thing. "
Woman: "ecology. Here is basic, what determines our health. At the UN, I would read about it."
Woman: "At the UN, I would read about the dilemma abeschalavechvannya people. People are wasting human excellent properties that they need to function normally in society."
Reporter: "What are the human properties you mean?"
Woman: "The most common: the relation to each other. For example, when you go on the bus and see how all of a sudden people start to quarrel is not clear why. It is very fundamental problem. "
Man: "The Rise to the energy dilemma, the problem of Chernobyl. But the most basic to us now is the energy problem. "
Young Man: "I would certainly not affect global problems, but here’s what we have in the country abolished the benefits even for those who really need it — that’s what I read."
Man: "We have a lot of problems, but first I think the lack of freedom of speech. And our economy is kept artificially, but she asks reforms. And what we direct our foreign policy only in the East — I think people do not need it. "
Lady: "People do not have enough money, a good job, and that the main problem …"
Man: "There are no problems we have. Need only rejoice. And I would praise Belarus, said to that it is the most democratic country in the world. "
• UN General Assembly begins work, 25.09.2007
• A.Voytovich: "At the UN, we can not ignore any of the main theme," 25.09.2007

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