Loshitsa: Cross memory of the victims of repression are willing to bear?

On the return of the Institute of History Freedom Now said the secretary of the organizing committee of the public to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression Vladimir Romanovsky.
"They asked: when, by whom, for whom the project was set to cross Loshitsa. If there are none, it raises the question of winding up of the cross. This is a signal of the Institute of History, where Tipo official inquiry came to the validity of the existence of the cross. How come? We decided Now figure out where. Either it made at the Minsk City Executive Committee, or of the Leninsky district. "
"This place, which has long been understood"
Members of the organizing committee of the public do not exclude that in the place where at the moment with a cross, a planned construction. As it became clear Radio Liberty, the appeal was received by the Department of Military History, the Institute of History of the Academy of Belarus. According to archaeologist Valentina Verga, Loshitsa official excavations were not conducted. The fact that people were shot here, it became clear from witnesses. Continues policies Siuchyk:
"This place, which has long been clear. And we, bolshennomu chagrin, in Minsk, more than 10 locations, where the system of the Cheka, GPU, NKVD, MGB shoot people. Exclusively in several places have moderate memorials. And Power was at all locations where he wasand shot people who have long set itself crosses. I do not know for what now useful this piece of land. Clear that at the moment means working in Belarus. But the question itself blatant authorities for at least some human who lives on our land. "
When it became clear about Loshitskiy Yar, the authorities immediately made there garages
Cross was established in Loshitsa first 1990 activists of the Belarusian Popular Front. Since then, every year in Dzyady Loshitsa funeral held shares — march and rally. They are usually organized by the Conservative Christian Party BPF. Deputy chairman Yuri Belenky knows about the history of this place.
"There is information that specifically Loshitsa Yar shot and Belarusian scientists and Belarusian writers. Though there is not only shot our nation’s elite. When it became clear about Loshitskiy Yar, the authorities immediately took measures bad — they are just a place filled with soil and did there garage to such makarom just to hide the ugly truth. "
On November 4, on the occasion of days Loshitsa memory Protz planned memorial service. Yury Belenky believes that taking part in this event people will be able to make real steps to preserve the cross.
Like many signs of memory of victims of Stalinist repression, cross Loshitskiy learned barbarism vandals. About 6 years ago it was broken, but later repaired cross. Whoever adramanatavav who wished to remain unknown.
CCP BPF activists commemorated the victims Loshitsa gully (photo), 4.11.2006

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