Lukashenko: Belarus No NPP will not survive

By 2020, Belarus will build nuclear power station capacity of 2,000 megavat. Alexander Lukashenko instructed the Ministry of Energy to prepare for the tender.
Station will be third-generation reactor. For its equipment shall be considered three options — a group of U.S. companies and land of the rising sun, France and Germany, also Russia.
According to the press service of the President, under the station platform will be elected in late 2008 — early 2009.
At the moment, we consider two options — Krasnopolyanskaya and Kukshinovskaya in Mogilev region. There are also a few spare in other regions of the country.
General project can make the Belarusian side. Alexander Lukashenko instructed the next year to start training for nuclear power plant is about 2-and a half thousand people.
Lukashenko said:
"We determine that the creation of the nuclear energy is the only variant of the guarantee of our national security. Belarus Without it will not survive. We construct it. Not we build, build others if zahochut good for own country. Because to build a nuclear power plant is necessary. And we will build it. "
Lukashenko also noted that "the energy of a purely economic issue turned into a political factor in defining the framework of relations between states and the entire municipal associations."
Managing center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika said:
"If we talk about the political side, all the 1990s Russian management believed that only the opposition and only enemies of Moscow want to build nuclear power plant in Belarus. Lukashenko And if it goes in the process of interaction in the gas tariffs, it highlights the fact that the Belarusian president focuses on the departure from the Russian Federation. "
Just Now in Moscow, according to official sources, negotiations began on the supply of Russian gas to Belarus in 2008, also on the supply to the end this year.
The delegation includes Minister of Energy Alexander Ozerets and CEO of "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Mayorov. They should to negotiate with the management of "Gazprom".
But no disk imaging for a meeting or do not serve in the Belarusian Ministry of Energy, nor in "Gazprom". Representative of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov said that the head of the concern Miller no meetings are scheduled.
About the interaction of the following year the emperor Kupriyanov said:
"All questions are fundamentally regulated and prescribed in the contract. Price will be formed based on the results in including December. All the major issues related to the supply until 2011, registered with us right in the contract. It is all of our comments on this matter. Other comments will not. "
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