Lukashenko successor fails to be the same Bonaparte, as a precursor

Are Alexander Lukashenko of his son Victor to the presidency as the successor? This question Examples nedavneshnego care Speaker Pelosi Vladimir Konopleva discussed by specialists of "Freedom" in the program "Prague accent" on September 16.
Judging by e-mail, the subject of interest to many of our listeners. On one of these messages and start the current review letters.
Our davneshny listener and creator Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi shares the view that the project "Successor" is in place and that it is not only about Viktor Lukashenko, but about the whole team close to him, by the time of the transfer of power will actually run the state:
"This is a more balanced version of the measured pension age for Alexander Lukashenko. Successor team will consist of those people, Patriarch which Lukashenko himself raised and gave a start in life. He — they Deng Xiaoping.
The "Successor" and its implementation will certainly positive phenomenon Belarus, specific standards for its Eastern European society. In postlukashenkavski period people without civilian society without cement nationalism get some sort of power in order to stabilize, which will assume responsibility for the country.
A national patriotism Milinkevich — harmful and will not need any neaaligarhiyay nor population. With all of this though what successor Lukashenko never fails to be so Bonaparte, which was Lukashenko himself.
This is for the future of the Belarusian democracy. Successor without catchy charisma inevitably will only equal the middle managers first — generals economy. For the Belarusian folk simplicity is the perfect option mess than the one that was in Russia during Yeltsin’s first term.
It is clear that the Belarusian neaaligarhii will need is independent Belarus — but what? Belarusization would in principle endless farce without membership in the European Union and NATO, byazb visa regime with Moscow and cultural care anglaamerykanizm. "
Note sovereign Martinovic: real signs that the project "Successor" was launched in Belarus — virtually none. Alexander Lukashenko is still far to retirement age, and of another to the presidential elections in Belarus — four years for this time almost everything can change.
Of course, the option you described the transfer of power — one of the many probable. Although unlikely to public opinion in Belarus with ecstasy idea hereditary succession will take power and establish lifelong dynasty rule in Belarus Lukashenko.
Created subsequent letters — ethnographer from Borisov Ales Shustov. Middle of September on the waves "Freedom" we have repeatedly mentioned the events of September 1939, when as a result of the Molotov — Ribbentrop Reddish Army occupied eastern Poland, and such makarom eastern and western parts of Belarus were vzyadnanyya.
One of the consequences of those events — mass executions in 1940 in Katyn and elsewhere Russian NKVD Polish prisoners, among whom were many Belarusians.
Ales Shustov writes about what he heard:
"Do you about those shootings — only as facts, one statement. And it was necessary to reflect on that catastrophe and other similar facts of genocide Slavic ethnic group.
In my opinion, then purposefully make the ideological and psychological emphasis on the fact that it is impossible to surrender both military and civilian people. For always destroy enemies on the physical level, moral, etc. those who oppose them, who are not of their kith and kin.
Since enemies have to fight to the last bullet, the last breath, while there are forces.
I wish for you in the upcoming focus on this. You can not ever cry in the towel and admit: there our brothers, sisters, parents, moms erased in camp dust and shot hundreds of thousands of our kids, tortured the best representatives of the Fatherland.
But in what manner it is necessary to educate patriots Belarus and those who want to know our history without censorship amendments. "
"Captured — means traitor" — this principle, sovereign Shustov, guided by intelligence agencies in the Stalinist Russian Union. And tyschami shot or thrown into concentration camps own fighter who survived the enemy and captured a miracle to his muddled.
10’s of thousands of Polish soldiers and officers were in Russian captivity not because they do not want to wage war. Just by mid September 1939 the fascist army virtually one hundred percent occupied western Poland.
It was obvious that the war was lost, and there was no sense to conduct combat operations, putting the head of their own people to do the same on the east. Polish command gave orders not to resist the Red Army. Was the expectation that the former soldier just go home, or at least will manage them in accordance with international conventions on prisoners of war.
And they promised to release. My grandmother to his own last days kept single sheet of Bolshevik captivity, from a concentration camp in the town of Kalinin Region Ostashkovo grandfather Vladislav Sakovich.
He wrote that he would soon return, they promise to release all … She never found out that the first in May 1940 he, like thousands of other prisoners of war were shot in the dungeons of the Kalinin NKVD.
No vessels were not. Beria was written request to shoot prisoners of war as a "inveterate enemies Russian authorities." And the signature on the request of Stalin, Voroshilov, Molotov and Mikoyan. Communist leaders sent this one piece of paper on the destruction of more than 20 thousand innocent as innocent people.
On the topic of the linguistic situation in Belarus — electric letter from a guest website "Freedom", signed as Vitek. The letter he put some images of packages of products, create Belarusian factories — namely, candy confectionery factory "Kommunarka" and canned cream Rahachou dairy plant. Packaging decorated in Russian and in English. Vitek wrote:
"That’s confirmation Belarus zvlyaetstsa really a land of bilingual. The labels litsezreem languages Russian and British.
Russian language on the label Rahachou plant even before the Revolution, in what is seen to love the royal power. A candy "Capital" factory "Kommunarka" show love for the United States because the South American version of the British used the language. Based on this, we can confidently talk about the pursuit of Belarus not to modern Russia, and to the empire as to reunite with America. "
Some portion of sweets which produces "Kommunarka", is exported to the United States — perhaps just that and explains the implementation of the South American version of the British language.
And why not state on the packaging of the Belarusian language, although most of the products and these and other Belarusian food companies goes to the domestic market — is a question for the authorities to guarantee the equality of 2-municipal languages.
The problem of discrimination of the Belarusian language and davneshny concerned friend "Freedom" Ilya Kopil from Minsk:
"When you listen to" Freedom "is the confidence that our language is not lost, that she lives and will live.’s Nice that at the polls on the street, many people give answers in the Belarusian language.
But confidence was gone when I visited on September 1, 2-school rulers. Not heard of the 1st Belarusian word — not from teachers or parents, or from students.
The only thing that reminds a little about Belarus — when first-graders porazdavali book in Belarusian "My Motherland — Belarus". Teachers reverently announced that it is a gift from the president.
Funny read, but it appears as if this president is fighting against parents and teachers for whiteRussian language. Yes, only the outcome of this "struggle" miserable …
September 8 went to his village for personal reasons. Went into the house, where he lives a young family. The
eldest of 3 kids in This year went to the first class. Need to go to the next village, two kilometers. Was previously its not a bad school. Her first was closed, and when people started complaining, then dismantled for logs.
Asked parents about studying. What was my surprise when they started to complain that hard to learn, because teaching is conducted in the Belarusian language. And it is — in a remote village, 115 km from Minsk and 170 — from Vitebsk. Trasyanka reached and there … "
Ilya his letter to the editor Kopil brought himself. And together with the correspondence leave treats — candy bag Belarusian. We gave the book to a friend davneshnemu "Names of Liberty," which just came out in the library series our radio. Thanks to you, sire Kopil, and worthy of attention for your letter and for your attention to our radio, and cute gift.
We are grateful to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.

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