Lyceum in Poland show performance

Lyceum show musical performance within the International Festival of national cultures, which will begin in Gdansk a week. Lyceum will represent Belarus at the festival.
Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos sure that the Polish public understands perfectly the theme and the time specified in the "People’s album" — the action takes place in the interwar Rakov in the 20s of the last century.
Especially since, Lyceum students that have already performed this musical towns in Zakopane, Gdansk, also in Warsaw.
"I think it is fascinating that is indicated by the formation of culture, which was just destroyed later."
According to Vladimir Kolos, in the "People’s album" describes the general history of Belarusians and Poles. Lyceum, not counting rehearsals, studying archival materials those times, meet people, who lived interwar dvatstsatsigoddi.
Currently enrolled students of the Lyceum in Warsaw in the first public lyceum Polish capital with their peers-Poles. Vladimir Kolos states that the system of training of the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Lyceum public and First Polish capital are quite similar, because of problems with knowledge of either adaptation to training program there, no.
It is curious that some of them will also perform, along with Belarusian lyceum.
Polish director Marek Dembinski from the studio "Everest", which is the producer of the play, takes reality movie about high school students staged. Sovereign Dembinski already made one movie about face — "Lesson Belarusian language", Won prizes at several international festivals.
Lyceum performances by the "People’s album" held in Gdansk on 11 and 13 November.

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