Marx, Lenin and Vseslav Warlock

Polochans marveled whence appeared in XII century thoroughbred touches — princes then scoured for mangolkah fluffy. A prince obviously wondered why the street that runs alongside, called the October and not wearing his princely name.
Excellent else trotter Useslaw stands motionless. If he rode into the town center, outraged Warlock would obviously took the blade from its sheath and headed to the local municipal executive committee stallion.
Polotsk place names differently as an affront to common sense can not be called. Here for you and Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, and no unknown Saca of Vantsetstsi and Voikov and Svyardlov and Dzerzhinsky and other Bolshevik leaders.
Local revivalists isstradavshihsya write letters to the authorities, offering them the most ancient streets here or give them the names of worthy people.
At one point, hiding from the police, even staged a symbolic return to the street "Steel Felix" an old name — Wilensky.
Maybe Polotsk street would wear a thousand years still good names Sverdlov Voykova, but here it’s time established a government decree on granting the status of the place of international tourist center.
To place names did not scare foreign visitors, decided to return some old central thoroughfares here.
Decided to start with Karl Marx Avenue, calling it Pokrovsky Boulevard. Call, though not all prospect, but only half of it.
Sketches by artist Igor Kurzhalova did brightest signs, but the story was finished. Prospectus as before is the name of Marx and signs already two years lie in pantry housing and communal offices.
Followed by renaming the queue became Lenin Street. From written sources was clear that even first XVII century it was called Lofty — this title and decided to return.
Calculated the costs associated with the renaming. It turned out that "Belinvestbank" it will cost 12 million, the city polyclinic — 170 thousand, historical and cultural reserve — 500, utilities — 560 thousand rubles.
Number brought to the attention of the inhabitants of the town. At the direction of the ideological department of the executive committee interviewed 9858 urban residents. Asked if they agree to return her old Lenin Street wedge title? 77.6 percent uttered "yes." It would seem that the issue resolved?
The local newspaper unfolded in this regard passionate debate. Bullet in it put the first secretary of the municipal organization of the PBC Prybyshchuk comrade. According to the secretary, rename Lenin Street (a title she wears it in 1919) — a step neobmyslenny and immoral.

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