Media: China has used in his fighter stolen F-35 technology

Media: China has used in his fighter stolen F-35 technology
Chinese aircraft makers possessed technology creation of the South American fighter-bomber Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II in the process of cyber espionage, held special services to the PRC in 2007, the South American media said, citing sources in the Ministry of Defense.

According to the Washington Freebeacon, company Lockheed Martin was the victim of cyber-espionage for many years motivated programm government and U.S. industry.

In January, the newspaper Global Times said, citing sources in the Chinese Communist Party, which at the disposal of the PRC received the major technologies of the South American fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, and Chinese aircraft manufacturers have used them in the development of fighter fifth-generation J-20 (» Jian-20 «) modification number 2011. With all of this publication is not confirmed the theft.

According to the Global Times, including acquired technology appear electro-optical targeting system, adjustable jet nozzle and new radar systems.

With all of this South American military believes that the technology had been stolen. According to representatives of the U.S. Defense Department, the data «flowed» the efforts of the Chinese Bureau of Technical Intelligence in the province of Chengdu. There were details in municipal corporation of China Aviation Industry Corp (AVIC).

Subsidiary of AVIC — Chengdu Aircraft, — technology used in the development of J-20, the presentation of which was accomplished at the end of February 2014. This Freebeacon sources said U.S. intelligence.
The Pentagon fears that the leak could occur due to technology signed in 2011 and AVIC General Electric has agreed to develop a joint venture.

It is noted that the Obama Administration has ignored concerns the U.S. military, which helped weaken the periodic monitoring of a transfer of technology to China.

Guesses U.S. officials about «stolen developments» confirmed the J-20 photos that were vserasprostraneny Chinese media.

For the first time pictures of this layout appeared in December 2013 and January 2014. It seemed that the photos were subjected to digital processing, but was seen in the pictures side number «2011», were also noticeably configurations that are focused on improving the work of the motor and capability.

The upper edge is tapered down vozduhopoglotiteley engines, fins are cut off at the top rear edge of the main chassis and niche compartments guns are more pronounced the «teeth» to reduce the radar cross section, the canopy has a «visor» as F-35.

In addition, the Chinese fighter used a distributed system of infrared sensors, such as the South American F-35. One of the more significant developments in J-20, it is the presence of electron-optical system under the guidance of the machine forward.

Experts believe that the «stolen» China technology seriously undermine the uniqueness of the South American F-35.

First test flight «Jian-20» was made in 2011, but at that time made the Chinese layout «did not reach» to the level of this promising developments rivals — Russian fighter project T-50 and F-22 South American.

Shortcomings in the midst of J-20 military observers pointed to the lack of engine power, the inability to produce flying at supersonic speeds, the imperfection of the radar system and the «stealth» technology, which allows to reduce the visibility of the aircraft in the radar spectrum.

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