Messiah returned to the concert stage Belarus

Last oratorio "Messiah" is one hundred percent in Minsk sounded 15 years ago. Since that time, some excerpts from playing and singing various bands and artists, but all together and play together from the beginning to the end decided just for the moment. Peter Vandilovsky, Artistic and Managing dyrygent Municipal Chamber Orchestra, ignorant of their own perception of music by Handel:
Vandilovsky: "In addition, it impartially lovely — there pryvkrysnyya tunes — it is written with one side for a wide range of listeners since even — it’s 300 years ago. It is democratic and accessible, but coupled with the fact it is not commonplace. She is very in-depth, and it’s genius composer yavna. "
Dyrygent himself has extensive experience performing "Messiah" — in Europe, with other orchestras. This allowed him to choose the best from his point of view, style — light and non-rigid sound to accurately feel the beauty of baroque palifonii, but at the same fills in difficult acoustic sense State Philharmonic Hall.
But the stunning success of "Messiah" in the Belarusian public maestro Vandilovsky not calculate and explain why oratorio do so occasionally in Minsk:
Vandilovsky: "I think that our cultural environment is slightly different path of development. And this music was out of the field of attention, despite the fact that it is an indisputable masterpiece."
Tenor Grigoriy Polishchuk, recognizable concert and opera singer, also draws attention to the lack of demand for such music in concert halls Belarusian:
Polishchuk, "There is, I think, a certain wine and the Ministry of Culture, because at the moment for some reason it is not clear what the circumstances of all resources and efforts are focused on continuous stage. This is not the best on the stage. Estrada — it’s jazz, rock, and other various genres. And here, I’m sorry, one accessible pop and nothing more. And to put it mildly, to reduce to zero the mind of civilization. "
According to Polishchuk sovereign Belarusian artists accustomed to cater for the average listener, which recognizes only the traditional music hits, like Baron verses of "Rigoletto." Because Prof. musicians also not willing to go in the direction of an unpopular, like Baroque music.
Reasoning continues Belarusian Opera soloist, soprano Tatiana Gavrilova:
Gavrilova: "In my opinion, we need to our country advocate possible Well more baroque and traditional ancient music in general, as it is very near us at the moment in fashion, unlike the West, where at the moment just booming Baroque music. And I would like to make the listener was filled with such a love, such as curiosity about the music. Although forced to announce that separately "Messiah" by Handel — this little esthetic work, and it will be quite difficult for the ordinary listener, who wished to first become familiar with some baroque music. "
Belarusian filyarmoniya finds tenor, 12.09.2007
The festival ended in Wroclaw Belarusian culture, 11.06.2007

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