MFA: OSCE is not fully appreciated the positive steps

Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to past reports of observers statement withstand moderate tone. It first draws attention positive developments recorded by observers:
"The election was held, and as rightly pointed out in the conclusions of international observers and the OSCE and the CIS, they are one hundred percent compliance with national legislation is the most fundamental. Observers also note a significant improvement in cooperation between the authorities Republic of Belarus with international organizations in electoral matters. They also recognize that the Belarusian authorities have done much to improve the preparation and conduct of the electoral process in the country. "
Unlike European elections standatrav MFA explains "the historical and political realities":
"Observers from the CIS countries and the Union of Belarus and Russia, who are perfectly familiar with the historical and political realities of the region, especially note premature and without restrictions inviting international observers, providing political parties, nominated candidates, the right to clean their own representatives to the Central Election Commission in an advisory capacity; widespread use of visual advertising in public places and in the media to inform voters about the elections and the adoption of the Central Commission for measures aimed at eliminating double voting people, openness and transparency in the activities of the Central Committee. "
Highlights the recognition of OSCE observers improvements in the electoral process:
"Basically, that OSCE observers recognize authorities Belarus made a number of positive steps. Among them, namely, increasing the number of members of the opposition as part of the district election commissions, providing candidates twice as much time on the electrical performance in the media in the best airtime; steps the Central Election Commission to ensure adequate protection of the ballot box during early voting, providing opposition candidates ability to freely hold meetings with voters in authorized locations. "
Non-recognition of the OSCE election results MFA connects with insufficient assessment of the significance of measures made by the Belarusian authorities. In general, the fact that non-recognition of the elections MFA looks, is not subject to dramatize. It is significant that not renounces the possibility of improving the upcoming electoral process in the country:
"Unfortunately, in our viewpoint, The OSCE has not fully appreciated the significance of these steps. But fundamentally fundamentally, I repeat, that, according to the views of the OSCE, the Belarusian authorities made a lot to improve the process of organizing the elections, and that the acts undertaken by the Belarusian side made a good base for the upcoming interaction in order to improve legislation and practice to conduct elections in the country .
As we are aware, the Central Commission for Elections and National Referendums expertly examine conclusion of observers, including upon receipt of their final version. On this ground it will conduct further cooperation with international organizations. "

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