MIG 1.44 continues to be on «top-secret military base» — SATELLITE PHOTO

MIG 1.44 continues to be on
Big Maps company continues «to open a top-secret military information» gizmodo.com reported June 27.
Big Maps photographed Russian stealth MiG 1.44, which was «shrouded in mystery» to «top-secret military base» (Russian media reported that the only flying prototype aircraft is on the ground Flight Test Institute (LII) them. Gromov in Zhukovsky — approx . «VP»). This aircraft was the first attempt of Russia to make a «stealth fighter» and had to be the answer to the South American F-22 Raptor.
Website says that the MiG 1.44, may have been used to «launch Chinese stealth programs.» Plane developed using «stealth forms» has an internal weapons bays, friendly electric system and counteract special coatings to reduce radar signature. The aim of the project was to create a very maneuverable and high-speed fighter, though, it was reported that the plane was «allegedly postponed» Russia in 2001. Satellite image indicates that it is not quite so.
Interestingly, the Chinese fighter J-20 (first flight took place in 2010) from the outside is very similar to the MiG 1.44. Company «MiG» denies that shared technology of this aircraft with China, but the «official Russian source» stated that «it seems the Chinese have access to the documentation …» Mikoyan «. If the MiG 1.44 hitherto remained on the test database and not on the basis of storage of aircraft, can be shared Our homeland «some secrets,» writes the site.

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