Miners protest Belaruskalij try zanogo

On Tuesday morning about the structure of the administration "Belaruskali" Soligorsk gathered several 10-s people. People rallied — just talking. No posters, slogans at them was not. To a greater extent miners gathered with great seniority, members-independent miners’ union to discuss their prepyadstviya.
"It will be every day, they would like their own presence to protest, to show concern about the bill, which will cancel their benefits, "- says plainclothes activist Larisa Nosonovich.
Outlook driver combine fourth mine, the miners’ union activist-independent Nikolai Zimin:
"Friends-independent union has long had read that this law should be postponed, it’s an unjust law. There were activities of a different nature: and strikes, and meetings. Namely, we were on the fourth rudavpravlenni such meetings without the protocol, the study of public opinion. Most all said they would not. After all, if people lost health in the workplace, read on, that after 10 years you need to leave the hazardous work, acquire other profession — this is nonsense. If for lost health gave decency retirement — yet wherever go. And so we believe that the law to be ashamed. "

"The situation is unwound, but critical moment has not yet come to that."

In November, a conference-independent miners’ union and the election of a new leader. After Nikolai Novik very unwell, was the first group of disability and health leaves his post. Does not affect the temporary absence of the favorite activities on the miners? Larissa Nasanovich outlook:
"You can often hear the argument that independent union loses its position, hands. Activity fell, it is. And On the other hand, we are waiting for these elections. There are people determined, there are people who started to create this independent union. "
Are the miners at a strong protest? Machinist combine fourth mine, the miners’ union-independent activist Nikolai Zimin says:
"The situation is unwound, but critical moment has not yet reached. If the law will be adopted, I think the reaction is a sharp. Many they say that if the law will be adopted In its current form, particularly in the production of questions need to be addressed. Other way while people no work. "
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