Mogilev Metallurgical Plant products may fall under sanctions

From the official disk imaging it is clear that the European Commission began investigating the facts that have posted complaints European tube manufacturers. Not counting the Belarusian companies mentioned in the complaints Metallurgical Plant China, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The investigation will go fifteen months.
Confirmed at the plant "Freedom" information about the intention of the European Commission, but not dubbed circumstances that caused such sanctions. Chief engineer said that the circumstances did not know.
Mogilev Metallurgical Plant produces a wide range of pipes. Most of the products sold in the CIS countries. In soon in the structure of the manufacturing led by Belarusian Mogilev Metallurgical Plant Metallurgist began to explore the European market.
Antidumping taxed products companies violating the conditions of competition in the European market.
Mogilev Metallurgical Plant — second plant in Mogilev, the products of which may fall under the anti-dumping sanctions. In 2002, the European Commission began to levy anti-dumping tax on the products of the production association "Khimvolokno". This company was accused of understating the cost of production and the use of barter in the procurement of raw materials.
Tax is 21% of the supply of products to the EU market. October 12 deadline tax act is completed, but the European Commission will decide whether to extend it purposefully.
Mogilev Metallurgical Works merged with the BMZ, 17.09.2006

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