Mogilev police beat journalist — have beaten, no facts

In the verification process, as indicated in the ruling council, Anna Ilina took offense and her detention was competent, and the facts were not confirmed beatings.
For the journalist did not answer police sudden:
"I, of course, so it will not leave, I will speak with the lawyers, and will file a complaint to the higher authorities. Now I would expect prosecutor’s where lodged a complaint, and later, I already know the answer will be the same, just write, — and then I will submit to the court. "
August 30 reinforced police patrol in the woods near Mogilev delayed group youth activists. Against the will of their bundled into an official car and taken to the Mogilev district police station. Kept for more than 3 hours.
As it turned out, the reason for the detention was Tipo activists violation of fire safety rules. 1st of activists, Dmitry Solovyov, firefighters fined 155 thousand rubles.
During their detention, Anna Ilina claimed to explain what its delay. Sudmedeksperty recorded on the body of journalist once hematoma.
Mogilev to fight the opposition thrown fire, 4.09.2007 • Mogilev journalist tries to prosecute policeman, 31.08.2007

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