Mogilev watching expelled from the polling station

For reasons beyond the supervisor, he tried to remove the video course counting.
The chairman of the commission, the director of the Mogilev school number 6 Basil Kitsikav, reads Buhel, vydvarenne argued "that I rented without the permission of the committee members than offend their dignity."
According to Boris Buhelya, he was allowed to watch the counting of 10 meters from the place of counting. How to count the votes, he beheld not, but I heard called candidates for deputies, running for this constituency.
Mogilev-Lenin district-independent trade union activist running for electronic industry Natalia Zaitseva th vice-chairman Municipal Federation of Trade Unions of Mogilev Tatiana Isachenko.
Meanwhile Mogilev district commissions have begun to take the final protocols of precinct election commissions. No 1st-independent observer, any trustee opposition candidates for deputies and none of the candidates were not allowed to monitor the legality of the procedure.

Tags: elections, protest, vote rigging

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