Monument Lev Sapieha is on Lenin Square

"Narodnaya Volya" tells the story of how, in practice, load Presidential Decree number 148 of 25 March 2005 "On urgent measures to support the business." According to this decree, markets and shopping centers began to create business tips. These tips have become masters of conflict with the markets and shopping centers, because very often been fundamentally position in defending their own interests. Former Chairman of the Board business shopping center at the metro station "Pushkinskaya" in Minsk Tatiana Mironova certain: this is the position fundamentally become a prerequisite that it did not renew the contract of lease and deprived of the ability to work. Ms. Mironova believe in that dialogue between businessmen, owners of markets and local authorities probable.
During the first nine days of October Oshmyansko customs amounted materials 63 violations during the transportation of products and currencies across the border. Next journalist continues "Regional newspapers" Sergei Zenko:
"This figure is almost twice the average for such period. Sergey Sobolev, deputy head of customs Oshmiany clarifies the fact that maybe it’s time to leave ended, and people smuggling and agreed to intensify such makarom earn money. "
Correspondent "Newspaper Slonim" Sergei Chigrin figured out where and when to put the monument in the center of Lev Sapieha. Thought such a monument can not be realized for the past 6 years. Architect Ivan Misko reports that the monument still appear — in furnished private park on Lenin Square in the center. According to the architect, to the area of Leo Sapieha monument known Slonim elder arrange unrealistic because the area itself is small, and there is intense traffic.

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