Night Siege — 25 September

On forums portal discussions are application control office "BelEvroset" Ales Mukhin, who expressed worldview in Belarus may be closed 95% of all online stores for "conflicting demands of legislation that regulates them." Comment:
"Who thinks, he will buy through the web for Belarus."
The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are about that now Belarusians will pay for checking your mail.
"See, that and reading electric letters" appropriate "authorities did not have to pay!";
"Or, you know, as in Belarus carried parcel delivery ambulance mizhnarozhnay mail DHL? What a prosperous atrymalniki the whole country should go to the airport Minsk-2 i lose a day in queues at customs? "
agafon-bel writes in his diary about watching 13-15-year-olds, which is now ruled by the village for agricultural work: "Naturally, no parental permission is not asked to work and children do not pay. That chase adults — not so sick : we are able to defend themselves. But defenseless child. wonder why our opposition did not protest against such barbarism. When my offspring will grow earlier age — I will fight. " Comments:
"It’s sad because everyone (in including and parents) do not care about the rights of children ";
"Ratsya. If the school son of my friend tried to enter the form, it went to the director and gently explained to what section of the law that penalized.’s All. Nobody does not carry any form."
Silverrebel publishes on his blog a photo of the pop singer Alessi Yarmolenko in one of the secondary schools. On the photo the singer in a very small form-fitting shorts in holding the microphone with her back turned to the 11-12 year old boys. On the faces of students smirk, surprise … One opened his mouth, and later the camera lens on a mobile phone just below the waist Alesya Yarmolenko. Comments:
"Show a photo of his mother";
"Why were the adults?";
"It fosters love for the motherland :)"
"Why do some boys on the photo!;"
"I think the shot hit those who rushed to look surprise."

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