Night Siege — 26 September

On forums portal discussions are about renaming border troops in the Border Service. At the moment, the border guards will do just puzzles Border Protection, and before the troops stood ready adoption of the first battle in the case of anger. Comment:
"Is there anyone can name a potential enemy, from which we will protect the newcomer service?"
Gunter_spb user in his diary shares his impressions of communication with the Belarusian military officers:
"Zamilavala that the overall strategy — offensive. Top Destinations — Poland and the Baltic countries. Here we consider two options. Our homeland support Belarus. If Our homeland not support Belarus, the whole resource throws a back protection. Estimated that NATO will stand against 5 -10 days. Next — retreat in Russia. "Comments:
"Just write a book. Fantastic."
"In fact — just do not have time for mobilization and training."
On forums portal "Nasha Niva"Discussions are information that will appear in Minsk streets Yanka Bryl (instead Berson), Lew Sapieha and Usihsvyatskaya. Comments:
"Until I can not believe. Neuzh then something changed in the country? Berson sacrificed Himself";
"You can not create monsters? Usihsvyatskaya! Even in Russian (I do not doubt that the ROC wants Saints, and not some Usihsvyatskuyu) Straseni sounds, and already psevdobelaruskaya Usihsvyatskaya sounds just as izymatelstvo, it is unrealistic even pronounce."
Neuzh something worse would be All Saints Street? Why enter into any place names "Aki packs pobedishe ilk"? "
Electric Library Communicative changed. Currently the site has collections poshukuvuyu system, RSS subscription and a top-list of publications. At the moment, the resource has more than 500 books and magazines, and by the end of the year plans to arrange more than 1000 items.

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