Night siege October 11

The community by_politics publish a statement of some members of such socio-political initiatives such as "third way", "eye", "Mutiny". The text says disagreement with the organizers of the "Euro march" to go October 14 permission from the authorities of the route Academy to Bangalore Square. The creators of this application call to gather at October Square Independence Avenue and move to the State Library. Comments:
"Judging by the amount of passion that razdimayutstsa all completed zilch";
"Translated into human language this means:" Let’s go get on the head! Later, all told how we hurt evil regime! ";
"Great! If these strong organizations 14th will multimillion weight, I will applaud."
The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are Milinkevich statement that on October 14 at the" European march "at first he would come to October Square, and from there go to Bangalore, because only there — in a permitted location — may act by representatives of the European Union, and that he very principle hear their words. Comments:
"Comfortable justification";
"A man does not fulfill the promise he gave to the public (not to go to Bangalore), and for all that claims to be the national leader";
"We have no other favorites. Just not at the physical level."
The information website Charter’97 "placed videoreference famous English playwright Tom Stoparada. Recently the" European March "Tom Stoppard states that, that stagnation can not be endless, and hopes Belarus find out what prosperity. Late playwright said in Russian: "Long live Belarus!"
agafon_bel writes in his diary about the town of Luban: "Today averted son in kindergarten and was taken aback when he heard the teacher to teach children Belarusian language. (…) It turns out that we have accomplished the district educational meeting where decided All kindergartens town and district translate into whiteRussian language learning. It is everywhere so either we have a new mayor showed initiative? "Comments:
"The news is good! But the mayor of weird initiative";
"Neuzh municipal ideology that changed? Amazing things."
Blog favorite group «NRM» Liavon Volsky guests share their impressions of the presentation of the album "06". The event was held in Minsk club "Good Luck" on October 10. One of the comments:
"Well done! Dali burn :). So heartily you came: "Awesome group, right?" Awesome :) Sound was perfectly debugged, very similar to what is on the disk. Curiously aprgreydili some songs. In particular, "Enough!" It is generally prescribed))) And with style odezhki understood, because especially you, Leon, in this regard, often "zhzhotse" :) "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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