Night Siege — October 3

The forums portal discussions are how Alexander Lukashenko congratulates Republican Palace on the 10th anniversary. He stated that, Palace of the Republic — is one of the main modern symbalev-independent Belarus, and that "a majestic building with a lovely inner garments is inimitable decoration Minsk." Presentation participants forums:
"Truth said, clean tears. What independence — and such sign. Box resembling Dneproges or svinakompleks on Glybochchyne. "
"The mixture of the mausoleum sarcophagus th …"
"This terrible sarcophagus -" one of the major modern and symbalev-independent Belarus? Where there are signs of modernity? A even more so independence? "
Living in a society magazine by_politics application discussions are a member of the organizing committee for the march Euro Ivashkevich. "On the European March will come those people who consider themselves Europeans. And those who will not come to the march, should be aware that they are underdeveloped, or supporters of development in the direction of North Korea or China," — is the sovereign outlook Ivashkevich stated in an interview " Chemist ". And oh so evaluate expression policy community members:
"Later wonder why their people are not talking."
"Cool as a child — who is with me is a hero. Hurrah!"
Web site created by Dasha Slabchanka tries to count, not very much money Minsk city authorities mean to invest in the construction of the bike path. Cost of the project — 10 million dollars. "It turns out that 1 meter track in town will cost $ 385.’s Not that expensive, and very expensive — says the creator of the article. — Even if take into account that it will not just track, but a whole complex with stalls and so on, surely it would be more profitable to simply pass on the applicable criteria countryside privates — they would provide service. <…> In America, for the same money you can lay track in the 116 miles (187 km). In Poland there is a project for 120 km of cycle paths cost 2.5 million dollars. Given that the costs have must be less even at the expense of a cheap labor force, our track is just gold. "
The forums website Our ancestors children say funny stories from the lives of their own children, "rest in the summer in the country in the summer house one amazing Belarus. There was and Russian lady. She was picking raspberries and bombarded them with sugar. Pavlinka helped her collect (raspberry she does not eat, then fine helped collect). Several weeks passed Pavlinka suddenly asks Mama, and you you know what is SUGAR? -What? -Sugar — it raspberries with sugar! "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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