Night Siege. October 4

On forums portal Tut.byobsuzhdayut expression chairman Yuri Zisera during the conference "Business Web". Sovereign Ziser among other noted in Belarus Access to the Web "fantastycha expensive", "lightly licensed" and declared that "imperfect legal framework electric dakumentaabarachennya" adstutnasts present electrical trade. Comment:
"Breathtakingly overhead" — probably the greatest problem BYnet. I can not stand "Beltelecom": through it we have prices on the web up to 30 times more expensive than for example in Russia or Ukraine. "
silverrebel in his diary: Night at the siege of Radio "Liberty." Friend, as at the moment to go to a subject? Previously he was a banner on the main — for the moment. The broadcast zapihvaetstsa then the "Company", the "computer and technology." Response team "Night of Freedom", "Transfer" Night Siege "better find through the" archive ", where it is necessary to choose a date that you are interested."
Pianist Vitaly Stahevich on his blog shares his impressions of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"" Someone brought me a collection " Nasha Niva "For different years from 1991. I read them avidly, for me it was an art of the highest standard. Remember how hard I was given the decision to abandon the subscription" Our Niva. "Then I loaf: why do I" true pioneer "that do the same pioneers, like me, or even younger than me. They do notwhat to say, their level of "journalism" I have not entertaining. "If tomorrow, forced or not,"Nasha Niva"Begin to be issued narkomovkoy, it is impossiblecan be distinguished from "Narodnaya Volya"Or" stars. "Then I start reading faster" culture "or" Lim ", with bands which smells though music, art and literature."
Comment writer Olgerda Baharevicha: "My history with" NN "- essentially the same. Stay nostalgia and regret purely human. Interestingly, in today’s" NN ", which not only criticizes lazy, do not even try to ask ourselves: can, with us and on Actually something wrong? "
Sumskaia blogger knows about history, which became an eyewitness to the train Kiev — Minsk. Small boy with sorrow said his scooter broke down — nut came off. Neighbor comforted, he says, his father repair:
"Small looks at her, pauses, loudly and confidently:
— … Is that your father will find so do everything … . "
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