Nobel Laureate 2007 — Doris Lesing

Doris Lesing (real name Doris Mae Taylor) was born October 22, 1919 in Kermanshagu (today’s Iran), as a child moved with her parents in Southern Rhodesia. Journalist and worked as a telephone. In the thirties settled in London. In 1950, the 60th years was member of the Communist Party, participated in the anti-nuclear movement.
In 1950 he published a novel, "The grass is singing" on the border 1970-80’s released a series of mind-blowing novels. One of her most recognized novels — "The Golden Notebook" — became a cult film for feministychnaga movement. Novels "Abstract before the descent into hell" and "Summer before sunset" demonstrate a severe mental state of characters. Recent works writer — novels "In my skin" "Walk in the shadows" and "Ben thrown."
Lesing also created four collections of short stories and dramatic works, which were delivered in English theaters. A couple of years reverse Lesing visited South Africa, where he once lived, and where in time she was banned for criticizing apartheid race.
The writer is a physician at Harvard Institute. Winner of several literary awards.

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