Nobel Prize for medicine — two Yankees and Englishman

Research Nobel laureates today became the foundation for the technology of genetic modification in the butt cells of mice. With these modifications, scientists have studied the relationship between individual genes and different diseases. Since 1989 he wasa study of more than 10 thousand genes of mice — it is about half of all mouse genes.
According to the Nobel Committee, the study showed Mario Kapeki role of different genes in the development of the internal organs in mammals. Martin Evans used a modification of genes to teach Succession kistovy fibrosis disease, and studies concerned Smitysa heart disease.
Three scientists receive medals, diplomas and divide among themselves Exchange prize — about 1.5 million bucks.
On this week other names will be known Nobel laureate. Tuesday in Stockholm today announced the recipients of the Nobel Prize in physics, and later — in chemistry, literature and economics.
On Friday in the Norwegian capital Osle will be named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. In This year nominated for this award more than 180 individuals and organizations. Namely, the last president and Nobel laureate Lech Walesa nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Chairman Supreme Council Of the 12th convocation Stanislav Shushkevich for the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Belarus.
In the midst of today’s winners for the award — the last U.S. Vice President Al Gore, was nominated for his efforts to attract the attention of international community to global warming.
Stanislav Shushkevich: "Prophets in the Fatherland behold hard", 13.09.2007

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