Now about Baranovichi bullpen friends will meet Paul Sevyarinets

Now after serving 17 days in jail in Baranovichi bullpen freedom will Paul Seviarynets.
This is the third in a row arrest after release from the "chemistry" of the small village Sitna where Paul was serving a sentence for a company of street demonstrations against the rigged elections and referendum 2004. Then, along with Paul tried Statkevich, devoid of registration of the party favorite "People’s Hulk."
Now Statkevich will meet Paul approximately Baranovichy bullpen together with other democratic activists:
"I came in Baranovichi, that meet Paul and someway pay homage to Paul. Certainly, I would recommend him to be careful, because the other day "Euro march" probable preventive arrests. Reveal that many people, who have other eyes than power, will be on public swearing obscenities, insulting police officers … Despite this, we will take the role of Paul in the "European march".
With the approach of the date of the "European march" increased the number of youth activists in police custody. Spetsnaz fighters stopped Young people to the streets and show them require things in bags. The students, that have icons on clothes, inspect even the summaries of lectures. From time to time the police ask people whether those flyers and European symbols.
In schools carefully looks to bulletin boards were not scheduled for disk imaging on October 14 "European march". Catherine says student Krasnov:
"Stay on the streets, doing personal things. If stickers are calling to come to the area on October 14, then take them for yourself. Institutes and other educational institutions are appointed responsible persons to be kept under control, so on the message boards and did not appear scenario ads calling for the youth. "
About 10 people were-ka behind bars for the presence of informational materials and European symbolism. Among them Sergei Klyuyev, Leonid Novitsky, on whose apartment found a few 10’s EU flags, bandanas and blue jerseys, as Vitaly T., Lena Smooth, Konstantin Grahov Eugene Skrabutan.
Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitri Fedoruk, who has practical experience in preventive detention, predicts that the number will increase with the approaching date of action:
"Begin mass arrests of youth activists on the eve of" Euro march "to keep them out of the area. Arrests have already begun, and I think that the regime is once a day to increase the number of detainees. For these years power is nothing new in the fight against youth did not invent. "
While there was not the 1st option, so the police returned flags, t-shirts or bandanas for those who have taken these things into a personal inspection. By law, the Tribunal only has the ability to take personal belongings.
Leonid Novitsky courtroom Partyzanski court read "Freedom" that immediately after the completion of the arrest to lodge a complaint at the police, who appropriated his things, all demanding to return the holder.
• Viktor Ivashkevich remains at large, while unprocessed protocol, 26.09.2007 • Eugene Skrabutanu Grodno given 5 days, 26.09.2007 • Courts are arrested for distributing leaflets, 24.09.2007

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