Now the revolution will not take place

Drakakhrust: "The representative of the CCP BPF Valery Buffalo said in an interview Freedom that there were no elections, vote it least 50% of voters. CEC submitted their data on 18-00 — for it to this time 66.7% of the electorate voted. Recently the municipal elections Research Center released its own forecast turnout — 85%. Are independent sociologists fed more moderate number: lab NOVAK really intended to vote 63% of voters put the base in Lithuania NISEPI in a survey first of September, the figure was 61%. What data are available for you more believable?"

Klaskouski: "Here the main question, what number will be guided observers first ODIHR observers. They will focus on the official number. Regarding razbezhki between CEC numbers and sociologists-independent, the Russian times with a method as voluntary-compulsory. And the highest number of early voting in the eyes of the opposition reflect the effect of the administrative resource. With regard to the claims of those who favored a boycott that their appeals had fruit, it seems that they want to give out for things. Another thing, which can be talk about the apathy of the majority of society. Young people in the square trying to drive, but on the whole campaign was segodnyaschy without drive. Recollection was that each of the parties simply serving room".

Drakakhrust: "Alexander, of apathy, passivity they say about everything. But 60% turnout, which sociologists predicted to pose polls — it is a lot".

Klaskouski: "Indeed, the activity is quite high. It is curious that a large fraction of the polls of voters do not believe in the fairness of these elections. I believe that here, say, the older generation works inertia. No wonder municipal media throw a code word like "civil duty." And in-2, and this is demonstrated by polls and rating of the head of the country is quite high and Belarusians quickly satisfied than dissatisfied with the current life. And the campaign for the elections — this rite, all measured, and all sorts of upheavals — is unclear to what it may lead".

Drakakhrust: "Now on October Square gathered from a few hundred to a thousand people. This is the fourth time she becomes a platform demanstravannya after the vote — the 2000 presidential election, referendum and parliamentary elections in 2004, presidential, 2006, when the area became for some space with large bukovkoy, and eventually the current day. Your prediction — will be like the current area? What will it matter?"

Klaskouski: "There is no plan and plot the square and around it develops spontaneously. It is clear that the revolution will not happen now. For the opposition, it is read as if roughly, the same ritual, and if solemnly, then a moral imperative. Ordinary citizen, even if he is not ecstatic about the current government, aware that nothing has changed and this is not the case when you have to shove on the rampage.

The current area reflects the current status of the Belarusian society. There is a small group of active enemies of the government and non-political, motionless mass stilled

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