O.Trusov: BNR could save Europe

Shupe: G. Zaichikov you — archaeologist …
Pant: More precisely — building archaeologist …
Shupe: Can I have your specialty BNR read about archeology?
Pant: Fact, that there arhealegiya twentieth century. This, for example, excavations any buildings, killed in the First, the Second World War. And we in Belarus arhealegiya — it Kurapaty. And there are many of the founders of the BNR …
Shupe: Do you like the other books in the genre of history, utopia, dystopia?
Pant: I was always interested in the prodigious literature, and my beloved writers the same countryman of Smolensk Isaac Asimov, Abe Koba, Roy Bredbery, Strugatsky, Efremov. Fantasy — beautiful genre of literature.
Shupe: You yourself have ever fantasized about in such style of Belarus? What would be, if the historical path once headed the other way?
Pant: When we announced in 1989 that Belarus will be independent, above us all laughing. In particular, laughed my election platform where I promised 5 years of the USSR to reincarnate into a confederation. And she took and two years
Shupe: Life sometimes sudden, mind-boggling than literature … And you’re going to participate in this contest?
Cowards: You know, I can only give the genre for those who wish to write. Call the theme "Geography Lesson in BPR." What would beheld BNR geographers. I would, for example, beheld her in the range from Smolensk to Vilnius from Dvinsk to Chernigov, and people would naturally 40-50 million, we would have long been in the European Union and would be of approximately the same, that at the moment Poland. We we see, that the same Ukraine, which has preserved its ethnic area almost completely develops much better than we do.
As for what remained of the BNR, here is very interesting — like we have been involved in the war. Maybe the second World War was not, if I had BNR. After all, if there was a buffer between Poland and Russia Russian.
Shupe: Here comes and many other questions, because she BNR in 1918 could be real, if longer withstood Germany …
Pant: I agree. But let’s say if Germany stood for another two years and recognized the BNR — as Lithuania, and then would fall apart, the situation on the map of Europe would have been different. BNR would order a cordon sanitaire that would separate from Poland and Germany Russian Union. And there would be a section of BNR with the Germans — if there Poles? And when is independent Ukraine — she, too, could not stay. So that there everything could change. And likely this terrible second World War I could not be — BNR could save Europe.

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