Observers reported ballot box opened

"Honest elections have been held. Our observers documented many violations and even the fact that the ballot box for early voting at one of the sites was revealed. That’s all we have documented. "
According to information available to the team Fur, he received more votes than voiced district commission. But now there is no disorder, says Fur:

Alexander Fur"I was able to distribute about 20 thousand leaflets with my applets. Virtually every family. Vo-2, I spent 90 meetings, each meeting was for 50-60 people. Visited Kobrin and enterprises, and in the villages. Everywhere us very badabout perceived. "
Currently A. Fur is discussed with friends subsequent action plans, and primarily how to inform the public about how these elections were held.
At the beginning campaign A.Meh for their willingness to participate in the elections was fired from his job in "Beltransgaz".

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