October 2nd Belarusian entrepreneurs want to go on strike

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Viktor Gorbachev said that exactly one-day strike business now takes place:
"In the last 2-3 days is very verye pressure on other activists who call the prosecutor, who are judged. All of our founders, members of the Council on the sly "datsiskayuts." Besides, in all regions is "vkidvanne" disk imaging — say, "strike canceled, do not listen, do not have faith," provocateurs start running in their own ranks, from the side, confuse people. But at the last day strike nobody never cancels. Machine is running. "
According to the organizers of the strike, it perceive the role 30-40 thousand businessmen from 32 cities in Belarus. But local authorities do everything, to intimidate and even quarrel business so that they were not strong consolidated structure. Soligorsk when defending old market was one Council business, but when you move to some new friends began to cooperate with the authorities. Entrepreneurs chose another parliament, began a quarrel, even went to court. But a member of the organizing committee of the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise" Salihorsk Tsatsura Alexander says:

"On the last day strike nobody never cancels. Machine running."

"The market will be on strike, and some kiosks (and I including, I also have a booth). Most of the states that will go on strike, do not come to work. I did, everything seems likely to strike. "
But the strike, which is carried creators association "For Free Development of Enterprise" does not support the republican public association "Perspective." His favorite Anatoly Shumchanka not very fancy flyer — a call for a strike:
"If it is a call for a strike onwhat is there to not discussed the requirements? Why is there not say who does? Sorry, there question warning about a day rest. "
In turn, Viktor Gorbachev emphasizes nowshny strike should be an impetus for the upcoming unification of all business structures:
"Only business consolidation will enable them to continue to work, exist. Consolidation will not — there will be no results."
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