Olga Kazulina fired from his job

According to Olga Kazulina July she first went to a conference in Vilnius, which open a discussion on the affairs of the Russian Federation and the European Union. And it’s working days are. Olga asked the management to let him go on this time on vacation at his own expense.
But on September 25 the company’s director reprimanded Olga Kazulina yesterday dismissed her from work absenteeism.
According to Olga Kazulina for 4 and a half months she was not paid wages at the plant.
"The director knows that I am a single mother of a toddler. My father was a political prisoner, and in order to save his own father I am obliged to go to the conference. Now I am thrown into the street, "- said the daughter of a political prisoner.
O.Kozulina going to appeal the Director’s decision in court.
• One day a family of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin (photo) 10.07.2006

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