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23:15 On the street Nekrasov unknown in civil tried to detain members of the BPF Youth Franak Vyachorka, Anton Kalinowski and Stepan Sviderskii. Stepan put repel attackers Swiderski. He …
Street Nekrasov unknown in civil tried to detain members of the BPF Youth Franak Vyachorka, Anton Kalinowski and Stepan Sviderskii. Stepan put repel attackers Swiderski. He believes that they were not police officers, and delinquent youth. 22:30 Before gathered in the square, were Olga and Alexander Kozulin. Kozulin Emperor thanked everyone who came to express their position and urged the protesters to disperse. To join this call Franak Vyachorka. People began to disperse.

SMS message to the number "Liberty" +375 293912224:
"During the Belarusian embassy in Brussels for a day 8 people voted. Lilac Friends for a day or pickets and observation of the electoral farce. Dmitry Pimenov. Long Live Belarus". 22:08 The protesters reached the steps of the Palace of the Republic. Several hundred of them. People began to stage. Begins an impromptu rally. Youth resent municipal TV, which gives incorrect information. Heard shouts "Long live Belarus!". 22:01SMS message to the number "Liberty" +375 293912224:. "We need to raise young people, not today’s favorites opposition — retired


Nicholas, Smorgon. 21:55
The column on the sidewalk vorachivaetsya on October Square. As reported by our correspondent, are reversed and tents. On the square they will expect the final declaration of the number of the CEC took part in the elections. 21:45
According to the CEC, according to 20:00 over 75% of Belarusian voters took part in the elections to the House of Representatives.
21:40 One of the favorites of "Malady Front" Dashkevich vorachivatsya called Independence Square on October Square. A 22-hours in the Palace of the Republic held a press conference the head of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina. Young people would protest against election fraud.
SMS message to the number "Liberty" +375 293912224:. "I am currently far from Minsk. Do not know or people eating in the square Kalinouski. I shared with you. Here is show only BT, ONT, STV, Lad."
Ilya Kopil "I and many of my friends on the" election "not walking"
Kuhnovets VI Gomel 21:29
The number of flags on Independence Square has increased significantly. It’s not only white-red-white, and EU flags. At the entrance to Government House takes an impromptu rally — one of the young activists Afnahel Eugene says that the country needs new fair elections. 21:23
Column braked opposite signs CEC. Two tents set 10 meters from the steps of Government House, one guy climbed with white-red-white flag on the pedestal of the monument to Lenin. Intelligence agencies remove all that is happening, but do not touch the demonstrators. 21:17

21:13 Column youth activists who have gone from October Square on Independence Avenue, came to the KGB building. There’s traffic police assured them back on the sidewalks. Opposition stand opposite the KGB and chanting "Shame!"

Several hundred people with banners will move along the avenue towards the GUM. Some of the young people lit multicolored lights. Where to go further column — is not yet clear.

20:55 The press conference co-chairs of the UDF. Sergei Kalyakin from the steps of the Palace of Trade Unions said that nothing sudden did not work — power as before impale people with the vote count. "The authorities have not gone to the end of a method that promised international community" — said Kalyakin.

20:33 According to police, gathered in the square 600. In other news from the event, are participating in the action around 1000 people.


Youth sets the tent: 20:25 Youth tries to set up a tent. 20:20 Alexander Milinkevich

and Alexander Kozulin, give interviews to foreign journalists.
Youth in megaphones shouting "Boycott!" Fluttering

orange flags

some people with orange armbands.

Interview with Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Milinkevich:

With protesters disputing Galina Abakunchik:

20:15, On the square — a few 10’s of people, mostly young people. Here representatives of Youth BPF war, insurrection, anarchists. Soars many EU flags in the center of which is written "Belarus". Alarmed streamers: "Dictatorship — kapets," "Youth for Belarus." Politicians are: Levon, Barshcheuski Vintsuk, Vyachorka Andrew Sannikov Alyaksadar. Kozulin

Milinkevich Gathered chanting "Shame choice", "Believe! Can! Defeat," "Long live Belarus!" , 20:00 Appeared on October Square white-red-white flagsImage"Abduction"

Belarusian Popular Front . "

19:45 On the area of increased number of policemen in civilian clothes. At the moment, there are several 10-s. There are only two police commandos in camouflage. Any politicians yet.

Our correspondent:
Now on October Square to pass quite easily. There are no roadblocks, no cordon. But authorities now, as it is impossible to make an ice rink, put eight of these decorative designs that occupy almost a third of the area. This iron pillars on which set flower pots, and across the bottom — improvised klyumby, also with flowers. It turned out that the entire center of the square — decorative klyumba and two more klyumby slightly away from this place.
Additional cameras can not see, but I see a lot of special forces soldiers who pretend that just resting. But they are very closely watching for those who come here. And I beheld, as the yard supermarket "Central" rode the bus with special forces, has passed 6 cars with police officers. Another bus on Yakub Kolas worth in reserve. No obstacles to get to the area is not, but the metro October closed. Anatoly Lebedko
stated that he does not expect mass. He called first on behalf of the co-chairs of the Political Council of the UDF to come. But said that it was not the presidential campaign and is unlikely to come to the area a lot of people. But activists of "Young Front" were that they will certainly come to October Square. By the way, they are expected to specifically police officers at entrances since the 11th morning. But they are in other places, they disconnect the phone and said, that they would come and 8th to October Square. 18:05 In the courtyard of the supermarket "Central" are 6 cars and a bus station.18:00
On the square there J.Kolasa
two buses SWAT police


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