On October 29, set a new Kurapaty memorial symbol

Members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF decided this year to celebrate the day of memory Protz on Sunday, October 28. Procession route will be commonplace — from the watch factory to Kurapaty Tracts, where memorial service will be held, says deputy chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenky.
"Naturally, the other day our Grandfathers permanent Tulloch run across the stage more severe training. Always Grandfathers recently held general gang in Kurapaty, the place is done up. So it will be in This year. In subsequent Saturday and next weekend we plan Tulloch Kurapaty "- says Yuri Belenky.
"Reads only the Stalinist purges — read half-truths"
As for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the height of Stalin’s terror, then Yuri Belenky said that members of the CCP BPF once a year engaged in honoring the memory of the innocent victims of Russian Bolshevism, and not only a day of memory Protz.
"Reads only the Stalinist purges — this half-read. If you take the history of Belarus, the invasion from the East, from the Metropolitan empire always brought untold suffering to our people. Stalinist repression here is no exception. This maybe closer to the current generation of such period of aggressive invasion "- said the deputy chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF.
"Recognizable places shootings — 15-20 in each area"
In Mon, October 29 activists public committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression planning to mark a day of memory. The main celebrations will be held in the funeral Kurapaty, respectively application Minsk city executive committee will be filed soon. Secretary of the Organizing Committee Vladimir Romanovsky Svoboda said that the other day will extensive lists of places vserasprostraneny shootings throughout areas of Belarus.
"We will spread through different websites information about the place, where he wasand shot people, so that people know where to bring flowers, where to put the candle. Such places from 15 to 20 in each area, it is one of those that are known. And not indicated significantly more, "- says Vladimir Romanovsky.
"October 29 — it is not Dzyady is another date," In addition to office October 26 BPF will open an exhibition devoted to the memory of victims of days of Stalinism in Belarus. In these days of the exhibition will also be held this year published books on the subject of reprisals including Presentation books Anatoly Makarov "Victims and executioners." Already targeted appeal to Minsk authorities to allocate space for October 25 evening of memory of victims of Stalinism.
On the uniqueness of the date of October 29 says co-chairman of a public committee, the researcher of repression Igor Kuznetsov:
"This year is a landmark date determined by October 29. B today in 1937 there were mass killings of intellectuals in the dungeons of the KGB, today’s "American." October 29 — it is not Dzyady is another date, to be celebrated separately. October 29 will be opened in Kurapaty memorial monument or symbol (we do not disclose details) if it will be done. "

On Saturday, September 29, members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF spend Kurapaty Cleanup. Starts at 11:00. On the same day at the initiative of the public committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression funeral ceremony will be held in the park CHelyuskincev (15 hours) and in Kurapaty (and 17 hours).

• Proclamation of Public Affairs Committee commemorating the victims of Stalinist repression, 28.02.2007

• Road through Kurapaty. — 2002. — 464.: Ill. (PDF 1.5Mb)
History obscure protect mass graves of victims of communism during the construction of Minsk ring road. Unique in the history of journalism writing daily report from the 1st place for eight months. Book protected pluses. Presentation in Minsk.
"Martyrology of Belarus"

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