Opposition: If elections are held, no elections in 2011 will not

At a press conference at the headquarters of the Belarusian Popular Front came about 10 ka journalists — mostly representatives of the Belarusian independent media and a few foreign correspondents. Favourite UCP Anatoly Lebedko gave a political assessment of the election campaign.
Lebedko "The script does not provide for a stylish victory counting. I can say reverently that the majority of constituencies vote counting was not. On my Staravilenski surrounded on the site number 453 in 10 minutes vote count was completed. Not even pretended to count the votes …
Lukashenko thinks about 2011, about the presidential campaign. And if at the moment to meet certain requirements of European, it means to make yourself problems and difficulties in counting the votes in the presidential campaign. If we allow to count the votes at the moment, it should be considered in 2011. "
By Anatoly Lebedko views, in the worst situation in Europe was a result of elections, because the president of Belarus fooled Europeans. "Maybe Lukashenko last year received from Moscow such proposals, from which he could not turn away," — says a favorite UCP.
European theme continued and favorite Belarusian Party of Communists Sergei Kalyakin. "I do not think that the OSCE will give a positive assessment of these elections. Believe that the sovereign Ahrens cherishes his own reputation," — he said. By Kalyakina, some European observers came here to find a positive setting. "But the disappointment of many European politicians will be even stronger than we. Indeed we are accustomed to: Lukashenko Belarusian people often threw, but he threw in Europe for the first time," — said the Communists favorite.
Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka believes that after the opposition was not included in the district commissions, could not talk about the chances of Democratic candidates.
Vecherko: "I think that Europe has lost this fight with Alexander Lukashenko as stemmed from the fact which can be talk about the trade-offs on the negotiations. And Alexander Lukashenko has the mental hell — when he hears a "compromise", he treats it as a weakness of the opponent. He has such a mentality, unfortunately, not a European. Some Europeans read — "a fundamental process." Some — a "basic result" in the form of opposition to the inclusion list. But now — neither the process nor the list. It all around his little finger. "
The press conference participants urged the international community to assess these elections impartially, on the basis of those international standards that exist in the OSCE and which bears the signature and Belarus. Does not come from the political situation, and take a fair decision. "If the company is found to be legitimate, then, assume no elections in 2011 will not" — said Anatoly Lebedko.

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