Opposition will bear the signatures in the House of Representatives

Now in Minsk several 10’s pro-democracy activists will take to the Independence Square to convey the collected signatures against repeal of benefits the House of Representatives during the session.
For the first time against some voters deputies began callback function. Chairman of the organizing committee of the "Public march" Valery Ukhnalev believes that the key to this case — make a precedent:
"There were no precedents. Nobody did, but there are written procedures, and we begin such an event, as a review of the deputy. Currently we it matterseat in the vicinity of several Republic of Belarus. Let’s see how to react to this power. We have to show that not only are they elected or appointed by the president, will sit in a tent and do, anything, and the voter who has the right of review, there will be something to do to recall them and elect new there. "
Recall procedure deputy requests from initiators perform election law. According to him, at first you need to collect 150 signatures. Later apply to the local authorities so that they organized a meeting with the deputy, on which must be more than 300 people. Only whereupon, making an appropriate appeal to different structures, can bring the matter to the end.

"A voter who has the right to their reviews will do something, To revoke them and elect new there. "

Midst of Deputies, which voters are willing to withdraw from the House of Representatives, Leonid Kozik, Igor Kotliarov of Pukhovichi and a few others. The Group’s operations in the reviews of Nina Kabernik Zhlobin comes Valery Rybchenko. He said, "Freedom":
"She promised in his own campaign letter that she will defend the social welfare of people with disabilities, malehankih kids. Especially read a lot about women who are raising kids without husbands malehankih … It’s all she promised. But at the moment it all creeps. why she voted for the abolition of privileges? She replied that she thought a lot about it, but, taking into account the difficult situation in the country, decided to vote for the abolition of privileges. "
Members of the organizing committee of the "Public march" hope that the people who now suffer the collected signatures will not delay, as it will not be mass street action.
• Power assist the organizers of the "Public march", 1.10.2007
• "The Dark Mark" deputy Adashkevich, 1.10.2007

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