Or appear in Belarus gaming reservations?

In Minsk, about 2-10-s casino. In addition, there are five casinos in Brest, Vitebsk four, three in Gomel, Mogilev two, one in Grodno, Baranovichi Novopolotsk Mozyr and Bobruisk.
L.Shypay "Casino — is not the bread and butter"
But business prospects vague. For example, members of the Minsk City Council waiting for a response from the management of the town on his own deputy’s request. Due to the probable market redistribution gambling MPs offer to take more control this area. Says one of the initiators of the deputy’s request Lyudmila spike:
"And in Belarus including, Ukraine and very nearly all spill over. And indeed, there is a great danger that we will be held hostage to all this nonsense. According to Russian channels show a lot of stories where people go bankrupt. Even they say that the machines and devices that are brought here, already tweaked perapayanyya, in other words their owner can earn money by false pretenses. Do not insist, as this is not personally encountered. But realize if it were compared as bread and milk, then yes, it needed would develop. But if it’s just extortion money? Wit adds or something else. Well, agree? Personally I do not see any, so it’s to develop and deepen. "
V.Hrol "LAS Vegas-need to build into the deepest"
Minsk City Council of Deputies shared excitement and some members of the House of Representatives. So, Vasily Khrol acts alternately supporter guidance strict order in the gaming business. But he believes a good option creation of the Belarusian-LAS Vegasu, which, Khrol is necessary to build its electoral environment — on Glybochchyne. It is here proposed to concentrate all gaming establishments in Belarus:
"I am convinced that in Belarus need to close all casinos and gaming establishments in Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, etc. And do the Belarusian-LAS Vegas. First in order to not be tempted to have a middle class person with middle-income countries to attend their after receiving wages or advance. Remove them from the railway stations, remove from places where our citizens are walking to and from work.
Willed someone to play — came to Vegas-LAS, is a city of Vitebsk region Deepest: there (in theory — RS) investments, where skyscrapers and excellent road. Going on a weekend or holiday, took his wife, took a room in the hotel. And at this hotel — and casinos and slot machines. And play all you want. This is a civilized way whole world this long ago thought about it and does so specifically. Because time is coming and in the Republic of Belarus will also own-Vegas LAS. And fellows in This is the meaninge deputies Minsk city: they raise the question right. "
Yu.Dankov: "The enemies casino — inadequate people"
Winner casino network "Dankoff" enterprise "Zhorzhyk K" Yuri said Dankoff incorrect position of the authorities of the Russian Federation that Belarus who seek even what method to isolate the gaming business. States that, for example, the arrival of the gaming market in Belarus Russian capital will only add incentive to the common cause. A sample do have complete control over this business in Belarus calls inadequate:
"It is better for a strengthen supervision. Indeed as already over this poor thing all game hard, then I can not describe. And that Tipo Russian players will go, then what’s disgusting? Will hotels filled, restaurants are full, people will come, means the budget post. What this disgusting? entire infrastructure immediately starts to revive. This is the status of the town will rise immediately! Because as people arrive, start playing it immediately loading hospitality. And to put spokes in the wheels of the process can only mediocrity, which are provided by deputies . Unspecified people, and planted in the deputies. "
Reporter: "In this regard, the deputy Khrol offers endure all casinos in one place …"
"Khrol always invents something. That suggests to introduce tax on mobile phones, then something else. This man does not know how to show themselves. He finds himself only a challenging film. "
Specific players feel at home in the casino
One of my friend — in the past a particular casino guest. Could the brakes only when the craze brought it adjustments to family life. Knows that to get into the game maelstrom very simple, but there vyplystsi hard:
"There’s all sorts of options are provided encouragement, tightening," zamanilava "one word. Gratuitously poured tea, coffee treat. And everyone knows that a casino is more expensive than in ordinary restaurants because the casino entirely different purpose than to feed a person — faster , razuts undress and guest. Their whole system is designed in this sense is very perfect. Well, she’s so unobtrusive, but yet, If a player sees that to him here so much attention and such fryvolnastsi resolved if he had lost 500 bucks, the people are already here walks in his home. "
The clubs and casinos in Belarus is regulated by Presidential Decree and relevant resolutions of the Council of Ministers. Among them — not just a list of instructions on criteria for the work, but even the rules of roulette and card games.
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