«OUR HAT better than the fighter pilots of F-35» — RUSSIAN OWNER

Young businessman Andrei Artishchev (Andrew Artishchev, company AR Moto Helmet) and expert Sizonov Dmitry (Dmitry Sizonov) during a tour of the West Coast of the United States showed they made the helmet-mounted display based on a motorcycle helmet, reports wired.com September 25.

«In Russia there is no venture capital funds for such inventions. In Russia, as in the U.S., invest in software, rather than hardware, «says Artishchev by mounting directly on the press conference a daunting array of electronics, wires and fixtures. This is a common problem of the principal business in the world.

Company LiveMap initiated funding such helmet on the website IndieGoGo, from that time began to receive offers. Helmet connects inside glass Google Glass technology indicator on the background of the windshield (Head-Up Display), which is used on fighter jets. «Our helmet better than the helmet-mounted display pilot, developed for the F-35, which is worth 100 thousand U.S. dollars. Our only costs two thousand dollars, «says Artishchev.

In his current form, the helmet has only 3D-display and is only just a layout without integrated electronics and even full-length clear visor has a custom printed circuit boards and color laser projector with the highest resolution, the image is displayed on a piece of plexiglass hanging from the helmet using fastening. The device is powered by a 2-battery capacity of 3000 amps. Despite the higher energy consumption data GPS, Artishchev claims that the device will operate for 10 hours «4K.» Voice control is done using technology Nuance. Naturally, the device is «very rough», but the demonstration with simulated head movement fairly accurate picture even in brightly lit office.

Creating quite reliable, and a cheap sverhtehnologichny flagship helmet-mounted displays LiveMap will claim another couple of years, the currently found only 5 sponsors promise had spent 1500 bucks to buy the first helmets.

Cooperation with large companies to establish such helmets price at $ 2000 will be «almost necessary.» «We are working with a well known company for the production of motorcycle helmets, but this a good concept in need of assistance and resources. Only companies such as Arai and Bell can assist in this matter, «says Artishchev.

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